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Building Better B2B Relationships

We help large and medium sized B2B companies transform their customer and channel relationships through well proven methodologies and tools to build trust and joint working for mutual commercial benefit.

To improve performance, increase sales and deliver a superior customer experience, you need to have the right business capabilities, staff competencies and customer management techniques in place. The benefits of good B2B customer management are manifold:

    • Improved quality of your customer relationships - long term trust and commitment
    • Grow your share of value within existing customers
    • Improve organisational and channel efficiency
    • Gain new customers and turn them into profitable relationships
    • Keep and develop your people to deliver your customer promise

    We help you to identify what is and isn"t working well in your business system of customer management, and then work with you to develop the tools and skills to deliver the experience that your customers want and need - profitably!

    Relationships count!

    • The loss of one big client, or defection of one loyal intermediary, could cost you your job!
    • Account managers need to escape from workinghand-to-mouth on sales and only firefighting service issues rather thanresolving what underlies them
    • The customer"s voice isn"t clear enough in identifying the operational issues that damage trust, and Customer Satisfaction or NPS measurement isseen as "research" rather than a central pillar of account management

    We help you focus in on 3 critical areas:

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      Business Capabilities

      What do your customers want and need? Do you have the capability and skills to deliver it?

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      Relationship Quality

      Listen to your customers to identify what is and isn"t working, and what"s required to improve their experience and loyalty.

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      People Capabilities

      Grow business and hit sales targets, give your key account and sales managers the tools to exceed them.

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