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“Det-Al Aluminium” LLC is a part of Det-Al Holding which is the founder and fund holder of Det-Al companies that comprise it. Det-Al Holding provides optimum in strategic business management and allocation of profits and risks among members of the Holding Company.

“Det-Al Aluminium” LLC being a local company of Azerbaijan is the owner of Det-Al Aluminum Complex (Electrolysis Plant, Anode Processes Plant, Metal Casting and Continuous Rolling Plant, Rolling and Coating Plant). It is a Landowner and the “Employer” of the construction.

“Det-Al Aluminium” LLC manufacturers different kinds of aluminium products from primary aluminium to semi-finished aluminium. The company is enhancing its capacity each year by applying new technological developments and increasing professional capacity of it staff.

The Aluminium Complex consists of two below specified plants: Metal Casting and Continuous Rolling (annual production capacity of 50,000 tons) Plant and Rolling (annual capacity of 35,000 tons) and Coating (annually 15,000 tons) Plant. In Metal Casting and Continuous Rolling Plant, there are annually being produced 50 thousand tons aluminum sheets (list) in roll form with the thickness of 6-10 mm, width – 1000 – 1700 mm, inner diameter of 2200 mm (maximum) and total weight of 15000 kg (maximum). In Rolling and Coating Plant there will be produced aluminum sheets (list) and roll with the thickness of 8-0,15 mm through the cold rolling aggregate as the main equipment established here. Besides the mentioned aggregate there were assembled in this plant the side cutting, transverse cutting, longwise cutting, and lengthening through pulling and painting aggregates and 3 pieces of thermal processing stoves as well.

You can check the gallery of products produced “Det-Al Aluminium” LLC at Det-Al Aluminium Complex and contact the company representatives for your exact requirements.

To watch production process of the company, feel free to watch company video on Youtube.

Azerbaijan (Baku) based company providing flat-rolled aluminium products. Website includes details of services and products provided, company history, details of business premises, videos, photo gallery, news section, full company contact details. reviewer
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