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Your Labor OutfitterZ is a online/ manufacturing company that has designed a new flame resistant work uniform that exceeds all other uniforms. This design is called snap-fit uniforms because of the new innovative feature that the work uniform is equipped with. The work uniform is designed to support the Motorola radio and speaker mic, and also the VHF Radio and speaker mic. No other work uniform has this feature. This safety feature was designed to prevent hazards in the work place where hands free devices cant be used because of the awareness level that has to be maintained. For example around cranes, police officers, firefighters and construction workers just to name a few. Hands free devices are made to placed in the ear causing the worker hearing to be obstructedYLOZ KEEPER. This design is idea for workers in a noisy environment that needs to listen in his/her environment and still be able to get the word out as needed. YLOZ is not only an online store, but is able to provide other companies with their design of clothing at a far cheaper price than their competitors with a much better quality product. If you`re in need of a great Manufacturing please contact Rodney at 251-421-4244.

US (Mobile, Alabama) based business providing work uniforms for sale. Website includes e-commerce facilities, full contact details. reviewer
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