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CLiKAPAD offers lightweight, portable Audience Response Systems, ideal for boosting engagement and interactivity at conferences, workshops, presentations and other corporate events. Software and handsets are available for purchase or hire, providing you with a modern, flexible audience participation system.Using an Audience Response System, or ARS, has been shown to improve the reliability of audience data, with anonymisation encouraging participants to be more honest in their answers. Clicking a button is easier and draws less attention than alternative voting methods, meaning that more audience members are confident in responding to questions, tests or polls.Data is captured instantly and accurately, feeding into the ppvote software, which is easy to integrate with Powerpoint and Excel. Responses can be embedded into a presentation in real time, and results can be stored, shared and analysed for internal use.Visit the website to read more about electronic voting applications or call the team today to discuss how an ARS could help make your presentation fresh, interesting and memorable.

A deeper dive into clikapad.com

Common questions asked about www.clikapad.com

1. What are the benefits of using Clikapad for interactive online meetings and virtual events?

Clikapad offers a range of benefits for interactive online meetings and virtual events. Firstly, no wifi is needed, ensuring seamless connectivity for all participants. Secondly, Clikapad provides instant and accurate responses, allowing for real-time engagement and feedback. Lastly, Clikapad can accommodate a large number of users, from 2 to 2000, making it suitable for both small and large-scale events. These features enhance participant engagement, promote active participation, and improve overall meeting or event outcomes.

2. How does Clikapad facilitate transparent and anonymous participation?

Clikapad's simple devices enable transparent and anonymous participation. Participants can provide their input without revealing their identity, fostering a safe and open environment for sharing opinions and ideas. This anonymity encourages honest feedback and promotes inclusivity, as individuals may feel more comfortable expressing their thoughts without fear of judgment or bias. By removing barriers to participation, Clikapad empowers individuals to contribute freely, leading to more meaningful discussions and better decision-making processes.

3. In what scenarios can Clikapad be used for participant engagement?

Clikapad is a versatile tool that can be used for various participant engagement scenarios. It is particularly effective for strategy planning, as it allows for real-time input and collaboration from all participants. Additionally, Clikapad can be used to measure staff satisfaction, enabling organizations to gather valuable feedback and identify areas for improvement. It is also useful for conducting risk assessments, as participants can provide their assessments and opinions anonymously, facilitating a comprehensive evaluation process. Overall, Clikapad enhances participant engagement in a wide range of contexts.

4. How does Clikapad's PowerPoint Audience Response Systems work?

Clikapad's PowerPoint Audience Response Systems integrate seamlessly with PowerPoint presentations, enhancing audience engagement and interaction. Participants can respond to questions or polls directly from their devices, and the responses are instantly displayed on the presentation screen. This real-time feedback enables presenters to gauge audience understanding, gather opinions, and adapt their content accordingly. The PowerPoint Audience Response Systems also provide valuable data and analytics, allowing presenters to analyze participant responses and gain insights into audience preferences and perceptions.

5. How can Clikapad help in creating and delivering better meetings and events?

Clikapad helps in creating and delivering better meetings and events by promoting active participation, enhancing engagement, and facilitating effective communication. By providing instant and accurate responses, Clikapad ensures that participants' voices are heard and their opinions are valued. This leads to more inclusive discussions, better decision-making processes, and improved meeting or event outcomes. Additionally, Clikapad's transparent and anonymous participation feature fosters a safe and open environment, encouraging honest feedback and diverse perspectives. Overall, Clikapad empowers organizations to create interactive and impactful meetings and events that drive meaningful results.

Some reasons to choose clikapad.com

Interactive online meetings, virtual events & in-person experiences

This company offers a platform that allows users to host interactive online meetings, virtual events, and in-person experiences. This means that individuals and businesses can connect and collaborate with others from anywhere in the world, making it easier to communicate and share ideas.

Simple devices for transparent, honest, anonymous participation

The company provides simple devices that enable transparent, honest, and anonymous participation. These devices allow users to express their opinions and provide feedback without fear of judgment or bias, creating a more inclusive and open environment for discussions and decision-making.

Participant engagement for strategy planning, staff satisfaction, risk assessments and more

With this company's tools, participants can actively engage in various activities such as strategy planning, staff satisfaction surveys, risk assessments, and more. This level of engagement ensures that all stakeholders have a voice in important decision-making processes, leading to better outcomes and increased satisfaction.

PowerPoint Audience Response Systems

The company offers PowerPoint Audience Response Systems, which integrate seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. This feature allows presenters to gather real-time feedback and responses from their audience, enhancing the overall effectiveness and interactivity of their presentations.

No wifi needed, instant, accurate with for 2 - 2000 users

One of the key benefits of using this company's services is that no wifi connection is required. Users can participate in meetings and events instantly and accurately, regardless of their location or internet connectivity. Additionally, the platform can accommodate a wide range of users, from as few as 2 to as many as 2000, making it suitable for both small and large-scale gatherings.
UK (Bordon, Hampshire) based business providing audience response systems. Website includes details of products and services provided, case studies, FAQs, client list, terms and conditions, full contact details including company registration and VAT numbers.
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