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Cabinet Painting of Naples - Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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Cabinet Painting of Naples - licensed, experienced, professional cabinet painting for kitchen, bath, laundry. FREE QUOTE (239) 345-1974

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Is it a good idea to paint my cabinets?

Yes, painting your cabinets is a great idea if you want to give your kitchen a fresh and updated look without the cost of replacing them. It is a cost-effective way to transform the appearance of your cabinets and can significantly improve the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

What is the actual cost of cabinet painting?

The cost of cabinet painting can vary depending on the size of your kitchen and the complexity of the project. For a medium-sized kitchen with 20 cabinet doors, you can expect the cost to be estimated between $2,500 and $3,000. However, it is important to note that painting your kitchen cabinets is often below $5,000, making it an affordable option for many homeowners.

How long will it take to paint my kitchen cabinets?

To complete the painting of kitchen cabinets in a medium-sized kitchen with 20 cabinet doors, it should take approximately 3 days from start to finish. This quick turnaround time makes cabinet painting one of the fastest ways to upgrade your kitchen and achieve a fresh new look.

How do I choose a paint color for my cabinets?

If you're not sure about the paint color for your cabinets, our team can help you choose the perfect color for your painting project. We understand that not everyone is a design expert, so we provide great tips and guidance to help you select a color that complements your kitchen's style and enhances its overall appeal.

When can you complete my project?

As a locally owned painting company, we strive to accommodate our clients' desired schedules. We work closely with you to create a schedule that suits your needs and ensures a timely completion of your cabinet painting project. Contact us to discuss your project timeline and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Some reasons to choose cabinetpaintingnaples.com

Benefit 1: Experienced Professionals

Cabinet Painting of Naples works closely with Arno Painting and Jason Bourque to bring many years of experience to each project. You are in good hands.

Benefit 2: Affordable Pricing

Cabinet Painting Estimates for a medium sized kitchen (20 Cabinet Doors) to be estimated between $2,500 - $3,000. You can expect that painting your kitchen cabinets can often be below $5,000.

Benefit 3: Quick Turnaround

To complete the painting of kitchen cabinets for a medium-sized kitchen (20 cabinet doors), it should require about 3 days from start to finish. It's one of the quickest ways to upgrade your kitchen.

Benefit 4: Color Selection Assistance

If you're not a Pinterest expert and already know exactly what you want, the company can help you choose the color for your painting project. They provide great tips on how to choose your color.

Benefit 5: Flexible Scheduling

The company is locally owned and aims to create a schedule that serves everyone. They typically accommodate desired schedules within their painting projects.'

Selected and consolidated information about cabinetpaintingnaples.com

About Cabinet Painter

Cabinet Painting of Naples, with over 20 years of experience, specializes in painting kitchen cabinets. The founder, starting 25 years ago in Maui, honed his skills in cabinet painting, faux finishes, and interior painting. The company has painted over 600 kitchens, focusing on creating long-lasting, beautiful results. They take pride in their work, evidenced by over 115 positive reviews. Their mission is to enhance kitchens, baths, offices, or laundry cabinetry affordably and beautifully, ensuring customer satisfaction.
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Cabinet Painting Process

Cabinet Painting of Naples offers a detailed, customer-focused cabinet painting process. It includes scheduling within two weeks, color and finish selection assistance, and a meticulous six-step procedure. This process involves door preparation, area preparation, and multiple coats of primer and paint, ensuring a smooth, furniture-grade finish. The company promises efficiency, minimal disruption, and a final walk-through to ensure customer satisfaction.
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Cost of Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting of Naples provides a cost-effective solution for cabinet painting, with prices ranging from $1,500 to $6,000 depending on kitchen size and complexity. The service includes thorough preparation, choice of paint, finish, and hardware. Cabinet painting offers benefits like customization, quick turnaround, eco-friendliness, and increased home value. The company emphasizes the importance of professional execution for a durable and high-quality finish.
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239-345-1974  US phone number
US (Naples, FL) based business - with over 20 years' experience - providing a range of painting services. Website includes details of services provided, work examples, FAQs, full contact details.
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Cabinet Painting of Naples, a licensed and experienced professional cabinet painting company, specializes in kitchen, bath, and laundry cabinet painting. They collaborate with Arno Painting and Jason Bourque, bringing years of expertise to each project. The company offers cost-effective solutions, with estimates for a medium-sized kitchen (20 cabinet doors) ranging between $2,500 and $3,000. Projects are typically completed within three days, ensuring minimal disruption to homeowners. They also assist in color selection for those unsure of their preferences. Emphasizing the use of environmentally friendly, low-VOC paints, the company promises a high-quality finish that enhances home value and aesthetics. Their process includes thorough clean-up, ensuring a mess-free experience. Cabinet Painting of Naples demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility, making them a trustworthy choice for cabinet painting needs.
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Naples FL 34105
United States
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