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Cpack Ltd

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C Pack Ltd

Cpack Ltd is a quality manufacturer of packaging machinery systems. Based in the United Kingdom, we deliver premium quality machines, systems and services to clients worldwide.With over 30 years experience and expertise, we have built a reputation for quality packaging machinery and systems. From concept, design, manufacture and installation to after-sales service, Cpack deliver.We have successfully wrapped a huge variety of products for our clients. From pies, cakes, Christmas Puddings, tins, cheese, sausages, soap, to premium gift boxes and many more. Allowing our designers to draw from a wealth of previous experience in providing ideal packaging machinery solutions to our global customer base.

A selection of products by cpackltd.com

Skin boards for skin and vacuum sealing machines (POA)
Skin boards for skin and vacuum sealing machines (POA)
Model 50 with Label and Coding Applicator
Model 50 with Label and Coding Applicator
Pre-Owned Shrink King 700
Pre-Owned Shrink King 700
Model 60 Bunch Wrapping Machine
Model 60 Bunch Wrapping Machine
CPS500 L-Sealer with table
CPS500 L-Sealer with table

A deeper dive into cpackltd.com

Common questions asked about www.cpackltd.com

1. What types of packaging machines do you offer?

We offer a range of packaging machines, including the 350SS Max Table Top Shrink Tunnel, CPS500 L-Sealer, CSS1000 Cardboard Sandwich Sealer, CSS2000 Cardboard Sandwich Sealer, and Custom Shrink Tunnels. These machines are designed to cater to various packaging needs, such as shrink wrapping, sealing, and custom packaging solutions.

2. Can you provide packaging machines for the catering and bakery industry?

Yes, we have specific machines designed for the catering and bakery industry. Our range includes machines like the CSS1000 Cardboard Sandwich Sealer and CSS2000 Cardboard Sandwich Sealer, which are ideal for sealing sandwiches and other food items. These machines ensure the freshness and quality of the products, making them suitable for the catering and bakery industry.

3. What are the features of the 350SS Max Table Top Shrink Tunnel?

The 350SS Max Table Top Shrink Tunnel is a versatile packaging machine that offers several features. It has a compact design, making it suitable for small spaces. The machine is equipped with adjustable temperature and conveyor speed controls, allowing for precise shrink wrapping. It also has a digital temperature controller and a variable speed conveyor system, ensuring efficient and consistent packaging results.

4. Can you customize shrink tunnels according to specific requirements?

Yes, we offer custom shrink tunnels that can be tailored to meet specific packaging requirements. Our team of experts can work closely with clients to understand their needs and design a shrink tunnel that fits their unique specifications. Whether it's adjusting the size, temperature control, or conveyor speed, we can customize the shrink tunnels to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

5. How can I sign in or create an account on your website?

To sign in or create an account on our website, simply click on the 'Sign in' or 'Create an Account' option located at the top right corner of the webpage. Follow the prompts and provide the necessary information to complete the sign-in or account creation process. Having an account allows you to access additional features, track orders, and manage your preferences for a seamless experience on our website.

Some reasons to choose cpackltd.com

Wide range of machines available

The company offers a wide range of packaging machines, including the 350SS Max Table Top Shrink Tunnel, CPS500 L-Sealer, CSS1000 Cardboard Sandwich Sealer, CSS2000 Cardboard Sandwich Sealer, and Custom Shrink Tunnels. This variety allows customers to choose the machine that best suits their specific packaging needs.

Specialization in catering and bakery industry

The company specializes in providing packaging solutions for the catering and bakery industry. This expertise ensures that their machines are designed to meet the unique requirements of these sectors, resulting in efficient and effective packaging processes.

High-quality shrink tunnel

The 350SS Max Table Top Shrink Tunnel is a standout product offered by the company. This machine is known for its high-quality construction and reliable performance. It is designed to shrink wrap products quickly and efficiently, providing a professional and attractive packaging finish.

Cardboard sandwich sealers

The CSS1000 and CSS2000 Cardboard Sandwich Sealers are specifically designed for sealing cardboard sandwich packs. These machines ensure that the sandwiches are securely sealed, maintaining their freshness and preventing any leakage. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses in the food industry.

Customizable shrink tunnels

The company also offers custom shrink tunnels, allowing customers to tailor the machine to their specific requirements. This customization option ensures that businesses can optimize their packaging processes and achieve the desired results. Whether it's adjusting the size or adding specific features, the company can accommodate various customization requests.
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