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GenieBelt is a construction management software and mobile app that allows all agents working within construction to have their projects completed faster and smarter. GenieBelt has the ambition to create the future of construction.
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Common questions asked about www.letsbuild.com

1. What is LB Site Diary and how can it benefit my construction projects?

LB Site Diary is a digital app that allows you to track and report on-site activities in real-time. It eliminates the need for manual report creation, saving you up to 22 hours per month. With LB Site Diary, you can receive alerts when your teams make progress or encounter issues, ensuring better project management. It also provides an error-free audit trail for checks and balances, payment apps, and legal claims. By using LB Site Diary, you can streamline your workflow and improve overall efficiency.

2. What is LB Aproplan and how can it help with quality and safety control?

LB Aproplan is a digital app designed to assist with snagging, quality, and safety control in construction projects. It allows you to easily identify and track issues, ensuring that they are addressed promptly. With LB Aproplan, you can create and manage punch lists, conduct inspections, and collaborate with your team in real-time. This helps to improve the overall quality and safety of your construction projects, reducing the risk of errors and accidents.

3. What is LB Coordination and how can it improve project management?

LB Coordination is a digital app that focuses on on-site lean coordination. It helps general contractors plan, manage, inspect, and track construction projects in real-time. With LB Coordination, you can streamline communication and collaboration between different teams, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This improves project coordination, reduces delays, and increases overall efficiency. By using LB Coordination, you can stay organized, save time, and achieve better results in your construction projects.

4. How can LetsBuild benefit my construction company?

LetsBuild is a construction management software built specifically for builders. It offers a range of digital apps, including LB Site Diary, LB Aproplan, and LB Coordination, that help streamline construction processes and improve project management. By using LetsBuild, you can save time on manual tasks, improve communication and collaboration, and ensure better quality and safety control. LetsBuild also provides real-time data and analytics, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your construction projects for success.

5. How can I get started with LetsBuild?

To get started with LetsBuild, you can book a demo on our website. During the demo, our team will guide you through the features and functionalities of our construction management software. You can also test LetsBuild for free to see how it fits your specific needs. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact our team through the 'Contact' page on our website. We are here to help you make the most of LetsBuild and improve your construction projects.

Some reasons to choose letsbuild.com

All eyes on site. All teams in the zone.

Connect the disconnects on site. Zoom in and out of your progress. Building faster, safer and smarter.

Built by builders, for builders.

Break new grounds with 1,000+ companies and 10,000+ construction teams. Get in action with front-running contractors hitting homeruns of success with LetsBuild.

Real builders use the right tools for the job.

LB Site Diary LB Aproplan LB Geniebelt LB Coordination. As projects grow, physical tools change. Just as we swap spades for excavators, the same must happen with your management, onsite and off. We get dirty and into the nitty-gritty of construction by helping general contractors plan, manage, inspect and track the LetsBuild way, in real-time, on the cloud. LetsBuild brings you digital apps that make complex construction manageable.

Stop wasting 22 hours per month creating reports.

Get red, amber and green alerts when your teams move the levers of labor, material and equipment on-site. Leave an error-free audit trail for checks and balances, payment apps, and legal claims. Sync info up and down the chain, and win those buy-ins. Make your work flow for you, not against you. All on mobile.

Take the guesswork out of quality and safety control.

LB Aproplan. Ensure that quality and safety standards are met with ease. Streamline communication and collaboration between teams to prevent errors and accidents. Keep track of inspections and corrective actions in real-time. Improve overall project quality and reduce risks.
Denmark (Copenhagen) based business providing software to help manage construction projects. Website includes details of services and products provided, "meet the team" page, client list, work examples and case studies, FAQs, regularly updated blog, full contact details.
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