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Hair Analysis Test UK

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Hair mineral check for levels of toxic elements

Hair Analysis Test UK - A medical screening procedure to check hair follicle samples for trace nutrients and toxic elements.

Discover mineral imbalances and traces of toxic elements like mercury, lead and aluminium that may have an impact on your health.

Discover if you have high or are deficient in levels of essential minerals like Calcium, Copper and Zinc, vital for maintaining optimum health.

A small sample of hair (half a gram) taken from the back of the head and sent to the laboratory for analysis by clinicians. Reliability and accuracy,the test detects over 30 minerals, toxic metals and other trace elements.

Interpretation of the hair testing kit results is easy with a detailed chart from a state of the art lab. In addition, you can benefit from a range of supporting vitamin, mineral and adrenal supplements for health.

Deficiency and incorrect balance of trace minerals is associated with food intolerance and allergies

Simple process

A small sample of hair from the scalp, taken from the back of the head or from the nape of the neck is all that is required to perform the test. A device is included to measure the tests hair sample - cut weight 0.5g approximately a tablespoonfull.

Simply return the hair mineral analysis form with the hair sample.

What is detected by the test?

Here is the full list of toxic metals and trace elements detected.

Calcium - Ca, Phosphorus - P, Selenium - Se, Sulphur - S, Magnesium - Mg, Iron - Fe, Boron -B, Potassium - K, Sodium - Na, Manganese - Mn, Cobalt - Co, Copper - Cu,Chromium - Cr, Molybdenum - Mo, Zinc - Zn, Toxic - Symbol, Antimony - Sb,Mercury - Hg, Beryllium - Be, Uranium - U, Cadmium - Cd, Aluminium - Al,Arsenic - As, Lead - Pb, Germanium - Ge, Lithium - Li, Vanadium - V, Tungsten -W, Barium - Be, Nickel - Ni, Strontium - Sr, Zirconium - Zr, Bismuth - Bi,Platinum - Pt, Tin - Sn, Rubidium - Rb, Thallium - Tl, Titanium -Ti

Environmental exposure to heavy metals through the environment or workplace can lead to bioaccumulation within the human body.

A few points to consider before taking the test
  • Recently bleached hair can affect the results so is not suitable for testing.
  • Please make sure that treated hair is no included in the sample.
  • Alternatively ensure that a period of at least 8 weeks has passed before taking the test.

  • The report

    Download a datasheet example of the report in a .pdf Adobe reader form. Once purchased, a free post return address envelop will be sent to you with the test kit.

    Collecting a hair sample

    Clearly easy to follow instructions for the hair sample collection procedure are included. Simply send the envelope with your hair sample to the laboratory for processing.

    The test is suitable for adults and children.

    Nutritional and dietary recommendations and a tailored list of minerals and supplements are available, recommended for you and included in the report.

    If you are taking medicine or have any pre-existing medical, conditions please get in contact the NHS.

    Speak with doctors or nutritionist regarding details of the results from the report. Consultation with a nutritionist is available after purchase, see details on our website.

    A deeper dive into mineralstate.co.uk

    Common questions asked about www.mineralstate.co.uk

    1. What is hair mineral analysis testing?

    Hair mineral analysis testing is a laboratory-screening test that measures the trace element and mineral content status of a hair sample. It provides a specialist understanding of your body's needs and can identify any deficiencies or imbalances in mineral levels. This test can also detect heavy metal toxicity, such as mercury poisoning.

    2. How can hair mineral analysis benefit me?

    Hair mineral analysis testing can provide many benefits. It can help identify nutritional deficiencies, imbalances, and toxic metal exposure. By understanding your body's mineral status, you can make informed decisions about your diet, supplementation, and overall health. This test can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of any dietary or lifestyle changes you make.

    3. How much does hair mineral analysis testing cost?

    The cost of hair mineral analysis testing on our website ranges from 69.00 to 81.00. This price includes the analysis of your hair sample and a detailed report of your mineral status. Additional fees may apply if you choose to add on any optional tests or consultations.

    4. How do I order a hair mineral analysis test?

    To order a hair mineral analysis test on our website, simply go to the 'Ordering My Test' section. Follow the instructions provided to complete your order and submit your hair sample. Once we receive your sample, it will be analyzed, and you will receive a comprehensive report via email.

    5. How long does it take to receive the hair mineral analysis report?

    After we receive your hair sample, it typically takes 7-10 business days to process and analyze the sample. Once the analysis is complete, you will receive a detailed report via email. Please note that the processing time may vary depending on the current volume of orders.

    Some reasons to choose mineralstate.co.uk

    Accurate Evaluation of High Levels of Toxic Metals

    The company offers a hair test that accurately evaluates high levels of toxic metals in the body. This test provides a clear understanding of a person's exposure ranges of toxic metals using a hair sample profile.

    Comprehensive Lab Report

    The lab report provided by the company is 13 pages long, ensuring that customers receive a comprehensive analysis of their hair test results. This detailed report allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their toxic metal levels.

    Personalized Diet Recommendations

    With each test kit, customers receive personalized diet recommendations based on their test results. These recommendations help individuals make informed choices about their nutrition and ensure they are taking the necessary steps to address any toxic metal imbalances.

    Identification of Minerals and Trace Elements Concentrations

    In addition to toxic metals, the hair test also evaluates minerals and trace elements concentrations. This comprehensive analysis provides a holistic view of an individual's nutrient levels and helps identify any imbalances that may be present.

    Safe and Secure Online Payment

    The company offers a safe and secure online payment system, ensuring that customers can make their purchases with confidence. This feature provides convenience and peace of mind for individuals looking to order the hair test kit.
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