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Industrial Services

Livetec Systems

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Livetec Systems is the leading provider of livestock protection. They are the company to go to for all of your biosecurity issues.

They have experience in farming and high animal welfare as well as research and development which allows them to provide support services for customers.

They specialise in applying scientific research to day-to-day practises across all of these areas.

They work with all parts of the livestock community to protect the welfare of both animals and farmers.

A deeper dive into livetecsystems.co.uk

Common questions asked about www.livetecsystems.co.uk

1. What is Livetec's National Outbreak Plan?

Livetec's National Outbreak Plan is a comprehensive guide that outlines the government's response during an outbreak of avian influenza. It also provides information on the legal requirements for farmers during such an outbreak. By following the plan, farmers can protect the future of their livestock and farm business. The plan is available for free within the Livetec Systems App, ensuring easy access and convenience for farmers.

2. What is Livetec's Biosecurity Advisory Service?

Livetec's Biosecurity Advisory Service is a specialized service offered by the company to help farmers improve their biosecurity measures. The service provides expert advice and guidance on implementing effective biosecurity protocols to prevent the spread of diseases and protect livestock. Livetec's team of professionals assesses the specific needs of each farm and provides tailored recommendations to enhance biosecurity practices.

3. What is Livetec NEX® and its training?

Livetec NEX® is a cutting-edge technology developed by Livetec Systems. It is an advanced system that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time data analysis to monitor and manage livestock health and performance. The Livetec NEX® training program is designed to educate farmers on how to effectively utilize this technology to optimize their farm operations. The training covers various aspects, including data interpretation, system integration, and troubleshooting.

4. What are Livetec Plans?

Livetec Plans are comprehensive packages offered by Livetec Systems to assist farmers in managing their farm operations more efficiently. These plans include access to the Livetec Systems App, the National Outbreak Plan, and other valuable resources. Livetec Plans are designed to cater to the specific needs of different types and sizes of farms, ensuring that farmers have the necessary tools and support to enhance their productivity and profitability.

5. What is the Livetec Systems App?

The Livetec Systems App is a mobile application developed by Livetec Systems to provide farmers with easy access to essential resources and tools. The app allows farmers to access the National Outbreak Plan, Livetec NEX® data, and other relevant information on-the-go. It serves as a centralized platform for managing farm operations, improving biosecurity measures, and staying updated with the latest industry developments. The Livetec Systems App is a valuable tool for farmers looking to streamline their processes and make informed decisions.

Some reasons to choose livetecsystems.co.uk

Emergency track of avian influenza cases in wild birds with the Livetec Systems App

The Livetec Systems App allows users to keep track of avian influenza cases in wild birds. This feature is especially useful in emergency situations, as it provides real-time information on the spread of the disease. Users can download the app for free and stay updated on the latest cases.

Free download of the Livetec Systems App

The Livetec Systems App is available for free download. This means that anyone can access the app and benefit from its features without any cost. Users can easily download the app and start using it to track avian influenza cases in wild birds.

Weekly overview of infected wild bird cases

The Livetec Systems App offers a weekly overview of infected wild bird cases. This feature allows users to stay informed about the current situation and monitor any changes in the spread of avian influenza. The weekly overview provides valuable insights and helps users make informed decisions.

Infected wild bird map on the Livetec Systems App

The Livetec Systems App includes an infected wild bird map. This map displays the locations of infected wild bird cases, providing a visual representation of the spread of avian influenza. Users can easily navigate the map and get a clear understanding of the affected areas.

Biosecurity Advisory Service provided by Livetec

Livetec offers a Biosecurity Advisory Service to its customers. This service provides expert advice and guidance on biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of diseases like avian influenza. Livetec's team of experts can help customers develop effective biosecurity plans and strategies.
UK based business - established in 2010 - providing animal welfare and livestock protection products and services. Website includes details of services provided, e-commerce facilities, delivery information, terms and conditions, associations, news section, contact form.
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