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Barcode & EPoS hardware supply, repair & maintenance with PLM Global Limited

We're PLM Global Limited, a team dedicated to repairing and maintaining hardware from the world's largest manufacturers including Motorola, Symbol, Zebra, Tohsiba and more.

You may have a small number of employees or hundreds that need use of mobile terminals to help them scan items, take signatures, record deliveries and many other tasks.

That hardware is liable to break, especially for employees that work in extreme conditions such as cold storage warehouses or who travel with stock a lot.

Instead of investing in new handheld hardware solutions, PLM Global Limited can save you money by repairing your hardware and extending its service life.

Handheld technology within the industry is constantly updating, and firms often feel pressurised to upgrade their hardware even if it continues to do a brilliant job.

That can be expensive, especially if you employee a fleet of delivery drivers that need handheld hardware to do their job effectively.

PLM Global Limited will help save you money even if your hardware is now obsolete with a repair and maintenance solution for your handheld mobile technology units.

Why choose PLM Global Limited?

Repair and maintenance

We provide contracted turnaround times of 3-5 days when it comes to repairing and maintaining existing handheld terminals and units


We offer a refurbishment service for discontinued products to make sure that the product's lifecycle continues and works for you

Equipment Buy Backs

PLM Global Limited will purchase any excess and old equipment from you, offering the most competitive prices on the market

Equipment rental

Companies that need handheld technology for one-off trade shows or other situations can rent handheld equipment from us

Smart Sourcing

PLM Global Limited's global supplier base lets us source parts and terminal technology that you may not be able to find

Asset Management & Remarketing

If you have outgoing equipment, we can offer a full audit and warehousing solutions to help you through a refresh transition

A deeper dive into plm-global.co.uk

Common questions asked about plm-global.co.uk

1. What types of products does PLM Global supply?

PLM Global specializes in supplying mobile AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) and EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) hardware solutions. They offer a wide range of products including scanning devices, barcode printers, mobile computers, ring scanners, and truck mount computers. These products cater to various industries such as retail, manufacturing, transport, and logistics.

2. Can I sell my old equipment to PLM Global?

Yes, PLM Global offers an equipment buy back service. If you have old equipment that you no longer need, PLM Global is willing to purchase it from you. This allows you to dispose of your outdated equipment while also potentially earning some money in return.

3. Does PLM Global provide repair services?

Yes, PLM Global has full barcode and EPoS repair capabilities at their sites in Bristol and Nottingham. They have the expertise to repair various types of hardware, ensuring that your devices are functioning optimally. This service can help extend the lifespan of your equipment and save you from the cost of purchasing new devices.

4. Can PLM Global refurbish my inventory?

Absolutely, PLM Global offers full or partial refurbishment services for your inventory. If you have equipment that requires refurbishment, PLM Global is happy to take it in and restore it to a like-new condition. This can be a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing brand new equipment.

5. Does PLM Global provide supply and management services?

Yes, PLM Global offers a supply and management service where they can hold stock for numerous clients. They have the capability to manage and supply various types of consumables, ensuring that you have the necessary inventory on hand when you need it. This service helps streamline your supply chain and ensures efficient operations.

Some reasons to choose plm-global.co.uk

Hardware Supply

PLM Global is able to secure huge amounts of legacy stock and 2nd user equipment, providing customers with a wide range of hardware options.

Equipment Buy Back

If customers have old equipment for sale, PLM Global will purchase it from them, offering a convenient and hassle-free solution for disposing of outdated technology.

Supply & Management Service

PLM Global has the ability to hold stock for numerous clients, ensuring a steady supply of consumables and reducing the risk of running out of essential items.

Repair Services

With full Barcode and EPoS repair capability at sites in Bristol and Nottingham, PLM Global offers reliable and efficient repair services, minimizing downtime for customers.


PLM Global is happy to take customers' inventory for full or part refurbishment, extending the lifespan of their equipment and reducing the need for new purchases.

Peak Workload Support

PLM Global provides peak workload support, allowing businesses to scale up their operations during busy periods without the need for additional hardware investments.
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UK (Portishead, Bristol) based business - with over 50 years' experience - providing EPoS and barcode scanning solutions. Website includes details of products and services provided, blog, full contact details.
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