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Building and Construction

PlanRadar - Supporting construction site management and documentation

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Designed by construction professionals, PlanRadar's innovative andeasy-to-use platform helps construction project managers and site managers todeliver projects on-time and on-budget.

Share plans and BIM models with your teams, schedule tasks and monitortheir completion, and generate bespoke, boardroom-ready reports in minutes.Customers report saving up to 7 hours per week on documentation and paperwork.

With the ability to create custom tickets, forms, checklists andreports, you can make sure that the platform is set up to meet the preciseneeds of your business, digitising your existing processes rather than changinghow your teams do their jobs. All users can access their tasks, upload photosand videos to show progress and communicate with managers if they need moreinformation.

PlanRadar connects your office with your site teams via apps for allmobile devices and browsers. You can even work effectively in remote locationsthanks to the app's offline mode. Subcontractors can access your projects freeof charge, so you can manage large teams in a single location - no moreWhatsApp, emails or phone calls.

Onboarding your team takes just 10 minutes, sowhy not get started with a free trial today?

A deeper dive into planradar.com

Common questions asked about www.planradar.com

1. What services does PlanRadar provide?

PlanRadar provides a platform for construction management, building operations, and project management across the building lifecycle. It offers capabilities such as tracking, connecting, and solving issues during the build phase, digital asset and property management, plans and BIM model integration, document management, reporting and insights, and more.

2. Who can benefit from using PlanRadar?

PlanRadar is designed to benefit various professionals in the construction and real estate industry. This includes contractors, developers, property managers, facility managers, architects, engineers, project managers, and more. The platform offers tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each role and helps streamline processes, improve communication, and enhance project outcomes.

3. How can PlanRadar help in real estate management?

PlanRadar offers flexible capabilities for digitizing real estate portfolios. It allows users to manage daily tasks, inspections, maintenance, and more in one centralized place. The platform helps streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance communication between stakeholders. Whether it's managing residential properties, retail spaces, hospitality establishments, or office buildings, PlanRadar provides effective asset management solutions for all types of real estate.

4. What are the benefits of using PlanRadar for facility management?

PlanRadar simplifies facility management by providing a centralized platform for managing daily tasks, inspections, and maintenance. It helps facility managers streamline processes, improve communication with maintenance teams, and ensure timely completion of tasks. With PlanRadar, facility managers can easily track and resolve issues, schedule maintenance activities, and maintain a comprehensive overview of their facilities, leading to improved operational efficiency.

5. How does PlanRadar support efficient construction projects?

PlanRadar supports efficient construction projects by offering features such as streamlined maintenance and occupational health and safety management. The platform helps construction teams plan, execute, and monitor projects effectively, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and minimizing risks. With PlanRadar, construction professionals can easily track project progress, connect teams, and solve problems for high-quality results. The platform also facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between different stakeholders, leading to improved project outcomes.

Some reasons to choose planradar.com

Construction Management

Track, connect, and solve through the build phase. This platform allows users to effectively manage construction projects from start to finish, ensuring smooth communication and problem-solving.

Building Operations

Digital asset and property management to increase efficiency. With this platform, users can streamline their building operations, making it easier to manage assets and properties, resulting in improved efficiency.

Platform Capabilities

Connect design and pre-construction into the build phase. This platform allows users to seamlessly integrate design and pre-construction processes, ensuring a smooth transition into the build phase.

Document Management

Organize, update, and share project documents and plans in one place. This platform provides a centralized location for all project documents and plans, making it easy to keep everything organized and accessible to the team.

Reporting and Insights

Progress reports, project analysis, and real-time data. With this platform, users can generate progress reports, analyze project data, and access real-time information, allowing for better decision-making and project management.
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