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Safety and Security

Security Services Leeds | Security Guards, Officers & Patrols

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Manned Guarding & Alarmed Response by Acclaimed Security Services in Leeds With over 10 years experience, we at Acclaimed Security believe we have become a superior force within the security industry. Our manned guarding service comes with a difference.

For manned security guards and CCTV in the Yorkshire area why not try Acclaimed Security who are based in Leeds. We are a leading Security and Facilities Management Services Provider, including Security Guards, CCTV, Concierge and Recruitment. Call us on 01937 842424

Manned Guarding - Mobile Patrols - Key Holding & Alarm Response - Lock & Unlock - Vacant Property Inspections

A deeper dive into acclaimed-security.com

Common questions asked about www.acclaimed-security.com

1. What services does Acclaimed Security provide?

Acclaimed Security offers a range of professional security services, including manned guarding, mobile patrols, key holding and alarm response, lock/unlock services, vacant property inspections, and a 24-hour control room facility. These services are designed to meet the security needs of businesses and individuals in the Yorkshire region.

2. What is manned guarding and how can it benefit my business?

Manned guarding is a service provided by Acclaimed Security that involves deploying fully trained and licensed security officers to various environments. These officers are equipped to handle the specific challenges of each environment and ensure the safety and security of the premises. Manned guarding can benefit your business by providing a visible deterrent to potential threats, maintaining a secure environment, and offering peace of mind to employees and customers.

3. How do mobile patrols work and why should I consider them?

Acclaimed Security offers flexible and cost-effective mobile patrol solutions in the West Yorkshire area. These patrols are conducted using fully liveried Acclaimed Security vehicles. Mobile patrols involve regular inspections of your premises to detect any signs of unauthorized access or suspicious activity. By opting for mobile patrols, you can enhance the security of your property, deter criminals, and receive prompt response to any security incidents.

4. What is key holding and alarm response, and why is it important?

Key holding and alarm response is a service provided by Acclaimed Security where they act as your primary keyholder. In the event of an alarm activation, a trained and monitored security officer will be dispatched in a liveried response vehicle to attend your premises, patrol the area, and take any necessary action. This service is important as it ensures a swift and professional response to alarm activations, minimizing potential damage or loss, and providing peace of mind to property owners.

5. How can vacant property inspections benefit property companies and landlords?

Acclaimed Security offers vacant property inspections on behalf of commercial property companies and landlords to comply with insurance requirements. These inspections involve regular visits to vacant properties to check for any signs of damage, unauthorized access, or other security concerns. By opting for vacant property inspections, property companies and landlords can fulfill their insurance obligations, mitigate risks associated with vacant properties, and maintain the value and condition of their assets.

Some reasons to choose acclaimed-security.com

Excellent Health and Safety Awareness

The Garforth security guard demonstrated excellent health and safety awareness by raising a close call and initiating a valuable conversation. This proactive approach ensures the safety of the clients and reflects the high standards of Acclaimed Security.

Outstanding Performance as a Service Partner

According to an internal review, the company has been recognized as one of the best performing partners in the network. This outstanding performance is crucial in delivering exceptional service to clients and winning new business opportunities.

Quick and Efficient Problem-Solving

Security guard Wesley showcased exceptional problem-solving skills when a resident in the Alms House experienced a power outage. Despite it being after regular working hours, Wesley promptly assessed and resolved the issue, saving the foundation from incurring additional expenses for an electrician. Wesley's helpfulness and dedication make him a valuable asset to the team.

Highly Skilled and Reliable Staff

The company prides itself on having highly skilled and reliable staff members like Wesley. His ability to identify and rectify faults demonstrates the company's commitment to providing top-notch security services. Clients can trust that their needs will be met efficiently and effectively.

Positive Work Environment and Team Collaboration

Wesley's integration into the foundation's team highlights the positive work environment fostered by Acclaimed Security. The pleasure of working with Wesley and his seamless collaboration with other team members contribute to a cohesive and productive work atmosphere.
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UK (Leeds, West Yorkshire) based business - with over 10 years' experience - providing a range of security services. Website includes details of services provided, case studies, client list, certifications and accreditations gained, full contact details including company registration number.
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