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Industrial Supplies

Diesel Generator Supplier | Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd. in China

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Here at Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd. we specializes in exporting industrial and commercial diesel generator sets for land use, marine diesel generators for ship use, diesel engine for electricity generation, diesel engine for pump set, diesel engine for tractor, diesel engine for forklift, brushless generator, spare parts of diesel generator set, spare parts of diesel engine, spare parts of generator and other Chinese machinery made in China. As a trustworthy supplier, our company has already cooperated with global customers from more than 50 countries with rich exporting experience. We are a service-oriented company, focus on improving value-added services at a good price for our customers. Our advantageous products are 8kw to 2000kw diesel generators, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, marine CCS with quality assurance. Generally, most of our customers often bought Cummins diesel generator Weichai diesel generator Yangdong diesel generator, Quanchai diesel generator, Yuchai diesel generator FAW diesel generator YTO diesel generator from our company.

We also can acts as sourcing agent for our overseas clients seeking to buy other kind of products made in China, such as electric motor, pump, pump set, voltage stabilizer and other kind of Chinese machinery. Free quotation, standard international sourcing operation, inspect goods before shipment etc. You will be surprised by our professionally sourcing skills. We are here just for you and your company.

Diesel Generators

Our advantageous products are 8kw to 2000kw diesel generators manufactured in China. These diesel powered gensets are drove by famous brands diesel engines, such as Cummins, Deutz, Weichai, Yuchai, Yangdong, YTO, Quanchai, FAWDE, ISUZU, FOTON, Doosan, Daewoo, Yanmar etc. Moreover, the matched generators are famous brands too, such as Stamford, Marathon, Leroy Somer, MeccAlte or our own brand 'Elecmama' brushless generator. Generally speaking, diesel generators we supply have many types, including open type, silent type, super silent type, containerized silent type, trailer type. By the way, ATS cabinet, parallel cabinet, intelligent diesel generator remote-controlled by wired mode or wireless mode, 1000L~3000L ultra-large capacity external fuelt ank, automatic refueling system, oil drain pump, water jacket heater, residual current device, battery charger, battery isolator, three phase sockets, single phase sockets, single phase diesel generator set for home use, customized diesel generating set etc. these optional products still can be available for you.

Yangdong YSD490D diesel engine for power generationDiesel Engines

The diesel engines we provide are mainly used in non-road applications, such as power generation, tractor, forklift, water pumping set, etc. Our company can supply you with Quangchai diesel engine, Yangdong diesel engine, FAWDE diesel engine, Laidong diesel engine, Yuchai diesel engine, Weichai diesel engine, YTO diesel engine, Lijia diesel engine etc. All of these diesel engines are 100% made in China. We directly buy these diesel engines from engine factories in China and then resell these engines to our customers all over the world.


Our generators are 1500 rpm or 1800rpm brushless generators made of 100% copper lines, brushless & self-excited, Insulation Class H class, Ingress Protection IP23, AVR (automatic voltage regulator). 1 years warranty time. Moreover, We have registered trademark 'ELECMAMA' in Chinese mainland for our generators and diesel generators. What is Elecmama? Elec = Electrical, mama =mother, So Elecmama = Electrical mother. The mother of electricity can be compared to generator set. We choose Elecmama as our brand name and we will unremitting diligently make enterprise image and perfect quality of service, smooth lead brand service.

Spare Parts

Fully considering the maintenance and repairs, we actively supply spare part of diesel generator set, spare parts of diesel engine, spare parts of generator for our customers. If you can find parts supplier in your local market, we still suggest you buy some basic spare parts when you buy diesel generator, diesel engine, generator from China. Fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, oil-water separator, you know them. Anyway, buying these parts shipped from China together with diesel generator, diesel engine or generator will be cheaper and money-saving. Further saying, if you have other applications diesel engines for forklift, tractor, water pump set etc. in hands, you need to buy spare parts of these diesel engines, our company still gladly services you well.

The country of origin of our products ?

Most of our products are manufactured in Chinese factories. Only very few products are not made in China. For example, UK Deepsea brand genset controller modules. They are made in UK. It's just an accessory to diesel powered generator. Our company is from China. Our products are made in China. Buying products made in China, you will find competitive price advantage. Of course, our price has natural advantage, which doesn't say that our products are of poor quality. High quality products made in China are now familiar to more and more global friends and customers.

Where do most of clients we serviced come from?

Most of our customers come from Europe, South Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, Oceania and Central America. A small number of customers come from the Middle East, Asia, North and South America. Our customers are mainly from many industries, such as construction, mining, hospital, farm, environmental protection, ship building and so on. They are importers, wholesalers and end-users of products, evenprivate individuals. No matter where you are from, we will value your inquiry and handle your order well.

Call Us Or Enquiry Us For Diesel Generator, Diesel Engine, Generator & Spare Parts

So far, you are aware of this. We sell ranges of diesel generator sets capable of providing you with a backup or alternative power source that is needed when you are situated away from or unable to connect to the grid. With a range of options to choose from, we service and offer you a warranty on all of our diesel generators. Our company only sells new diesel generators made in China. Please visit our website to take a close look at all of diesel generators, diesel engines, generators and spare parts that we offer. If you can't find what you are after on our website then give us a call or send an enquiry to us. We may have or be able to source the right Diesel Generator to meet your requirements. Our diesel fuelled generators can have multipurpose use and our expert team will provide expert advice and guidance to ensure you choose the best one for the use you have in mind.

A deeper dive into elecmama.com

Common questions asked about www.elecmama.com

1. What types of diesel generators does Elecmama offer?

Elecmama offers a variety of diesel generators, including Cummins, Yangdong, Quanchai, FAW, Weichai, Yuchai, YTO, Changchai, Lovol, and Chinese diesel generators. These generators are suitable for industrial, commercial, residential, and marine use.

2. What are the power output options for Cummins diesel generators?

Cummins diesel generators offered by Elecmama have a power output range of 16kw to 1200kw. These generators are available in three-phase and can be used for various applications such as commercial infrastructure, farming, mining, construction, hospitals, and more.

3. What is the default voltage for Cummins diesel generators?

The default voltage for Cummins diesel generators is 400/230V for 50HZ and 440/254V for 60HZ. However, Elecmama can provide other voltage options based on the customer's requirements.

4. What certifications and guarantees do Elecmama's diesel generators have?

Elecmama's diesel generators are certified with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, and CE. They come with a guarantee period of 12 months starting from the on-board day of the Bill of Lading (B/L).

5. What is the production time for Elecmama's diesel generators?

The production time for Elecmama's diesel generators is typically 25-30 days after receiving the customer's payment. This allows for the manufacturing and quality control processes to ensure the generators meet the required standards before delivery.

Some reasons to choose elecmama.com

Yuchai diesel generators

The company offers Yuchai diesel generators for power generation in various settings such as commercial infrastructure, farms, mining, factories, construction buildings, public works for utilities, outdoor events, hospitals, military facilities, telecommunications, and data centers.

Genset frequency: 50HZ & 60HZ

The generators are available in both 50HZ and 60HZ frequencies, allowing customers to choose the appropriate frequency for their specific power needs.

Power output: 12kw to 600kw

The Yuchai diesel generators have a wide range of power output options, ranging from 12kw to 600kw, providing customers with flexibility to choose the generator that best suits their power requirements.

Quality: 2008, ISO14001 & CE

The Yuchai diesel generators are manufactured with high-quality standards, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, and CE certifications. This ensures that the generators are reliable and meet international quality standards.

Guarantee period: 12 months

The company offers a guarantee period of 12 months for their Yuchai diesel generators, starting from the on-board day of the bill of lading. This provides customers with peace of mind and assurance of the generator's performance and durability.
China (Jiangsu Province) based business - established in 2017 - providing diesel generators, diesel engine parts and diesel genset parts. Website includes details of products provided, work examples, FAQs, regularly updated blog, associations, details of business premises, full contact details.
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