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It is essential to employ staff whose integrity and character are beyond doubt, particularly for positions of trust. firmSeo provides online training to help Administrators and HR staff members, Directors, Business owners or individuals. to confidently carry out pre-employment checks on new employees to the BS7858 2019 Standard.

Our training courses online provide a quick, convenient, cost effective and easy way to improve staff training when it comes to the security of your business. We provide training to a wide range of companies who aim to build trust within the work place including their clients


Employees are often cited as a company's greatest asset. But how well do you know your employees, especially new recruits who are about to join the company? Getting it wrong at this point could be detrimental to your company. Pre-employment interviewing may find a person who appears to be right for the job, but is there sufficient information to enable a proper decision to be made about their engagement?

Especially within industries such as (but not exclusive to):Security,Care Homes / Care Work,Child Care / NurseriesFinance,Sub contracting & freelancing,Disposal / Paper ShreddingRecruitment
Our BS7858 2019 Secure Screening Online Training enables designated members of staff to carry out the correct Pre Employment Checks on individuals and third party individuals.

On passing the BS7858 Online course you can download and print your certificate, we also provide a valid certificate checker on our website which allow governing bodies, employers and clients to check your BS7858 certificate is valid and up to date.

Click here to get your BS7858 Secure Screening and Vetting Certificate today.

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Common questions asked about www.firmseo.co.uk

1. What is the purpose of the BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting Online Training?

The purpose of the BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting Online Training is to provide recommendations for the secure screening of individuals to be employed in environments where security and safety are crucial. This training is important for organizations that prioritize the security and integrity of their employees, goods, services, personal data, and property. It enables administrators, HR staff members, directors, business owners, and individuals to confidently carry out pre-employment checks on new employees.

2. How can I validate my certificate obtained from the online training?

You can easily validate your certificate obtained from the online training by using the online verification system provided by FirmSeo. This is particularly useful for auditing requirements, as it allows others to verify the authenticity of your certificate. Simply input the necessary details from your certificate into the verification system, and it will confirm its validity.

3. Will I receive instant certification upon passing the online courses?

Yes, upon successfully completing any of our online courses, you will receive a Certificate of Completion instantly. This certificate serves as proof that you have gained the necessary skills required for the specific course. It can be used to showcase your qualifications and enhance your CV.

4. Why is obtaining the BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting important?

Obtaining the BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting is crucial for organizations that value integrity and character in their employees, especially for positions of trust. This code of practice enables employers to conduct thorough pre-employment checks, ensuring that potential employees do not pose a risk to the company, its employees, or its assets. It is particularly important in industries such as security, care homes, child care, finance, sub-contracting, freelancing, and disposal businesses.

5. How well do I know my employees?

Knowing your employees well is essential for any company. The BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting Online Training helps organizations gain a deeper understanding of their employees' integrity and character. By conducting thorough pre-employment checks, employers can ensure that they are hiring individuals who are trustworthy and reliable. This knowledge of employees' backgrounds and qualifications can contribute to a safer and more secure working environment, protecting the company and its stakeholders.

Some reasons to choose firmseo.co.uk

Validate Certificate

Our certificates can be verified online in the case of auditing requirements. This provides reassurance to employers and clients that the individual has successfully completed the training and possesses the necessary skills.

Instant Certification

Upon passing any of our courses, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion immediately. This allows individuals to showcase their newly acquired skills and qualifications without any delay.

Importance of Obtaining BS7858 2019

The BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting - code of practice is crucial for organizations looking to employ individuals in positions of trust. By following this standard, administrators, HR staff members, directors, business owners, and individuals can confidently conduct pre-employment checks on new employees. This is particularly important in industries such as security, care homes, finance, sub-contracting, and disposal, where the security and safety of people, goods, and services are paramount.

Protecting Businesses

By implementing the BS7858 2019 Security Screening & Vetting - code of practice, businesses can protect themselves from potential employees who may pose a risk. This standard ensures that only individuals with integrity and good character are employed, reducing the chances of internal threats and safeguarding the company's reputation.

Valuing Employees

Employees are often considered a company's greatest asset. By conducting thorough security screening and vetting, organizations demonstrate their commitment to the safety and well-being of their staff. This fosters a positive work environment and enhances employee morale and loyalty.
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