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Safety and Security


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Armed Close Protection Services-Executive bodyguard-Executive Close Protection. With its own close protection teams, The Inkerman Group is able to work with its clients to protect their businesses
The professionals who make up our team consist of former military, state and federal law enforcement operatives who possess the tactical training, situational awareness, and the threat neutralization experience to keep our clients, their families, and their clients safe.

When it Counts, Experience Matters

Armed Close Protection Services-Executive bodyguard-Executive Close Protection. With its own close protection teams, The Inkerman Group is able to work with its clients to protect their businessesgood reasons to hire a bodyguard in London . At Spetsnaz Security International, we train our bodyguards to be ready for anything and to approach every assignment with the highest regard for professionalism, detail, and discretion.

Bodyguard Executive Protection Services in London


One of the most common reasons that Londonners contact Spetsnaz Security International is for bodyguard executive protection. There are a wide variety of factors in the world today that raise security concerns in the private and business sectors.

High profile business leaders are often vulnerable when visiting the city for important meetings or handling highly sensitive material. Executive protection bodyguards are also useful during hostile termination situations, labor disputes, special events, planned travel, and the transport of valuable assets.

Here are some of the many body guard services that our executive protection specialists can provide.
  • Perform an initial sweep of meeting spaces
  • Drive executives to and from business locations
  • Check vehicles for IED devices and bombs
  • Keep a close watch for potential attackers
  • Provide protection during periods of travel

Personal Protection Bodyguards in London

Another common reason that many people seek a bodyguards service is for personal protection. Bodyguard protection services are particularly useful for people who are in potential danger of personal attacks. Personal protection bodyguards help many different types of people who are being stalked or threatened.

It's also often very important that personal protection bodyguards be available 24/7, even on weekends, nights, and holidays. We take your security very seriously and can provide multiple bodyguards in rotating shifts to keep you safe at all times.

Personal protection bodyguard service often entails the following responsibilities, for which Spetsnaz Security International's team of professionals can handle seamlessly for you.
  • Design safe routes of travel and alternative back-up routes
  • React quickly to emergency situations to protect clients and innocent bystanders
  • Closely monitor children to prevent kidnapping
  • Keep you safe without compromising your privacy
  • Provide flexible styles of protection

Celebrity Bodyguard Services in London

It's no secret that London is packed with celebrities every single day. Actors, musicians, political candidates, and world leaders often require protection that is specialized and discrete. At Spetsnaz Security International, we provide VIP security for celebrities who need protection from paparazzi, the media, ex-lovers, obsessed fans, and much more.

These are some of the most common tasks that Spetsnaz Security International celebrity bodyguards assist our clients with on a regular basis.
  • Escort celebrities to meetings and dinners
  • Accompany celebrities to music video sets and awards ceremonies
  • Stay with celebrities during shopping excursions and personal visits
  • Identify potential threats in performance spaces
  • Block the paths of aggressive cameramen

What to Look for in a Bodyguard

The media often portrays images of bodyguards being bulky, intimidating figures however, different types of bodyguards are best suited to specific clients and situations. For example, bodyguard styles can be vastly different depending on whether you need executive, personal, celebrity, or VIP protection.

These are some of the most important characteristics to look for in a body guard service.
  • Physically fit for defense
  • Strong communication skills
  • Familiarity with the area
  • Excellent planning and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to act quickly in emergency situations
  • Discretion in sensitive environments
  • Ability to work long, demanding shifts
  • Loyalty and dedication
  • Previous relevant bodyguard experience

Spetsnaz Security International's Professional Bodyguard Services in London

Depending on the level of security you need, we can provide armed or unarmed bodyguards, drivers, and escorts to keep you and the people you care about safe. We specialize in the protection of valuables and protecting people from personal threats in the London area.

You can rest assured that your security needs will be handled professionally and discretely because our bodyguard staff is comprised of retired London Police Department officers, other law enforcement officers, and trained military personnel highly experienced in personal protection. In fact, Spetsnaz Security International Security Agency, a leading private security company in London, was founded by a retired MI5 Detective and a retired Sergeant and has been keeping people safe in the city since 1986.

At Spetsnaz Security International, we understand that all protection needs are different. Whether you are considering hiring a bodyguard for a single-day event or for an ongoing long-term assignment, contact us to inquire about our personalized service for the London area.

#1 Personal Security & Protection Services

Guard your executive now, call (+44) 07599574524.

Armed Close Protection Services-Event-#:1 London, UK Crowd Management and Staffing Services - & Party Security | Special Events Security Worldwide | Spetsnaz Security International, Ltd.-HIRE LONDON SHOW AND EVENT SECURITY GUARD SERVICES LONDON UK| HIRE| UK |ARMED-UNARMED EVENT EXECUTIVE PROTECTION | COMPANIES | AGENCIES | FIRMS | CLOSE PROTECTION OPERATIVES| VIP SECURITY-Hire London Show and Event Security Guard Services | Event Security London | Security for Events

Depending on your profession or lifestyle, some everyday situations may not be entirely risk-free, regardless of if the threat is opportunistic or planned. Incidents that affect personal safety, both indirectly or directly, can and do occur each day. From government officials, executives, VIPs, celebrities and others who are seeking protective services, Spetsnaz Security International's executive protection can be deployed as teams or individuals to provide you with the executive protection necessary for your well-being and peace of mind.

Spetsnaz Security International is an executive protection company with services ready in London including: East London, West London, North London, South London. SSI also provides close protection services nationwide including : Greater Manchester, Leeds, Swansea, Sheffield, Birmingham, and Devon-Cornwall.

Many of our personal security team members are former special forces or military members that have been specially trained to provide you with the security services that you want and need. This background provides them with the unrivaled knowledge and experience to deal with any executive protection situation they are assigned to.

How Spetsnaz Security International Service Can Help You

Spetsnaz Security International executive protection agents work diligently to help keep any at-risk person out of harm's way. Trained in all types of pro-active protection procedures, our security staff can recognize, evaluate and neutralize potential threats before they become serious problems. Discretion, professionalism, conflict resolution and above all level-headed judgment help to distinguish our security team from other security agencies in the area.

When choosing from the available executive protection companies, wouldn't it be nice to know you are going to have professionally trained individuals looking out for your security and well-being? That is exactly what Spetsnaz Security International has to offer. Our security specialists will focus on preventing a situation from escalating. If the situation escalates to a level where there isn't any other choice than to use force to protect lives, our guards know how to react and only use force when absolutely necessary.

Some of the places where our executive security services are beneficial include:
  • Hostile terminations or downsizings
  • Union disputes
  • Physical threats
  • International or national travel
  • Board or shareholder meetings
  • Speaking engagements or personal appearances

Executive Protection Services Customized to Your Unique Needs

Our team offers a wide array of executive protection services and understand the nuances of working in this environment. We particularly specialize at mitigating risk and assisting clients in protecting their families, financial value and physical property. The holistic approach we take to executive protection services is found here.

Executive Protection

Our security guards provide close protection and advise clients of any potential security threats present. We are licensed within the area and have the proper training and certifications to provide the level of protection necessary in these situations. Also, most security personnel at Spetsnaz Security International has several years of operational experience in other, similar assignments.

Protective Surveillance

If you don't want a security guard shadowing your every move, we offer protective surveillance services. This is a more low-profile technique used for providing protection to clients who want to keep their privacy while having peace of mind that there is a responsive and capable security team nearby if a situation were to arise.

Security Driver

In addition to protection for a client's person, we also provide security drivers. This ensures that each client can be safely transported where they need to go.

Security, Protection, and Peace of Mind

Each of our protection professionals is experts in advanced planning and logistics, emergency response, crisis management and threat assessment. Statistics have proven that the majority of security issues that involve high-profile people occur while the individuals are on the go. Our team is available to provide protection and security for clients regardless of if they are at home, in the car or in the office.

Some of the reasons to trust Spetsnaz Security International with your personal safety and protection are found here.
  • Ability to assess the risks and needs associated with clients.
  • Proper training and certification in place including advanced skills, such as managing threats of violence, attack avoidance and recognition, close protection techniques, multiple aggressors, firearms skills, light combat skills and concealed weapons skills.
  • Crisis planning services for missing persons, extortion or kidnapping
  • Rapid response services for natural disasters, labor disputes or special events.

Putting your life in the hands of a security team takes a great deal of confidence and trust. Spetsnaz Security International has been working with many clients for several years now and wants to develop the same trusting relationship with you. These security services aren't the same cookie cutter options you get from other service providers. They are customized to the unique needs of the client to ensure their well-being and safety, regardless of the situation.

Executive Protection Service You can Count On

It is easy to choose the first executive protection service you come across, but that isn't going to provide you with the highest level of protection. At Spetsnaz Security International, we ensure each member of our security staff has the training, knowledge, skill and know-how to handle the potential risks that are associated with this type of security detail. Our top goal is your safety and peace of mind.

Regardless of if you own a Fortune 500 company, are an up-and-coming celebrity or other high-profile person, our executive protection services are right for you. We will help identify potential security threats and neutralize them before you find yourself in danger. Our extensive and comprehensive services ensure you have the protection you require around the clock.

If you want to avoid living in fear and enjoy your life to the fullest, then it may be a wise decision to call us at Spetsnaz Security International for more information on the executive protection services we offer. We will take the time to customize a strategy that meets your unique needs and concerns, ensuring you have peace of mind that you are protected at all times.

Our company is licensed, insured and offers affordable rates to ensure you have the protection you deserve. Don't trust a sub-par service provider with your protection and well-being. Each of our security professionals has the experience, training, and ability to protect you at every turn, regardless of what or how serious the threat against you may be.

For more information, contact us confidentiality: Call us now on: +44 (0759) 957 45 24 - Viber & WhatsApp


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We employ British Special Forces, ex military, police and PMC government close protection officers. We are the #1 company for armed and unarmed protection. No Contract. Low Rates. Call 0044-759-957-4524. London Bodyguards - Private Security - Executive Personal Protection, HIRE BODYGUARDS IN LONDON, THE UK OR WORLDWIDE, BODYGUARD COMPANIES IN LONDON UK, TRUSTWORTHY, AFFORDABLE AND RELIABLE LONDON Break-ins, Power Outages, Power Outages, Fire Watch, Property Evictions, Employee Downsizing, Hostile Terminations, Holiday Coverage in London, The UK Or Worldwide, TRUSTWORTHY, AFFORDABLE AND RELIABLE LONDON BODYGUARDS offers expert armed and unarmed Executive/Personal Protection Agents, Personal Bodyguards, and Transportation/Security Escort Services, hire one Security Officer In London or to hire a team of Security Officers In London, we provide personal security in London, The UK Or Worldwide for VIPs, celebrities, executives, and other at-risk individuals needing specialized protective services, VIP Close Protection & Bodyguard Security , London, UK private security, executive personal protection, security guards, special event security, trade show security, corporate security, Find a bodyguard near me. Spetsnaz Security Agency provides Executive Personal protection depending on the required level of security. We provide Armed, For Hiring Personal Protection and tailored Bodyguard Services, Close Protection Services, VIP Luxury Services and Security Consultancy to corporate, high net worth and celebrity clients, government departments and any legitimate persons requiring protective services, worldwide. WE PROVIDE PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR SERVICES, PRIVATE DETECTIVE OR INVESTIGATION SERVICES IN , LONDON OR WORLDWIDE, RENT A CAR, CHAUFFEUR AND EVENT SERVICES IN LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM OR INTERNATIONAL, VIP FAST TRACK SERVICE UPON INTERNATIONAL ARRIVALS, DEPARTURES AT LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, WORLDWIDE OR Airport Meet & Greeting, BODYGUARD SERVICES LONDON - COMPANIES - AGENCIES - FIRMS - CLOSE PROTECTION - VIP SECURITY IN LONDON - EAST LONDON - WEST LONDON - NORTH LONDON - SOUTH LONDON - UNITED KINGDOM ,Armed/Unarmed Executive VIP Close Protection Security Professional Bodyguards, Close Protection And Private Chauffeur Services in London, UK. We provide private investigation and detective services-chauffeur services to all London, UK airports included: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, London City and Southend airport.

Please contact us confidentiality to tell us more about your enquiry and the types of services that you are looking for. We will be happy to help out in any way possible to ensure that your event is a success. Call us now on: +44 (0759) 957 45 24 - Viber & WhatsApp

We take pride in saying that none of the residential security companies in london offer any of our premium services at the price that we can offer. You can hire security for events, wedding, corporate parties and gatherings, film and tv sets, shows, pubs. concerts and for private events, debt collection, restaurants, night clubs, casinos etc.

Spetsnaz Security International Provides Services in following areas of London

North London | Camden |Euston |Hampstead |Highgate | Kentish Town |Kings Cross |Islington |Stoke Newington |St. Pancras |Wembley ....

South London |Brixton |Dulwich |Forest Hill | Greenwich |Lambeth |Southwark |Wandsworth | Wimbledon

West London |Brentford |Chiswick |Ealing |Fulham |Hammersmith | Hampton |Isleworth |Twickenham

East London |Docklands |Bethnal Green |Shoreditch |Spitalfields |Whitechapel |Walthamstow |Mile End |Bow | Stratford

Central London |Bayswater | Belgravia|Bloomsbury |Clerkenwell|The City |Holborn | Mayfair |Paddington |Pimlico |Soho |St. James's | St. John's Wood |The West End | Westminster |Whitehall ....

We Cover following postcodes for event security in London

EC1 |EC2 |EC3 |EC4 |W1 |W2 |W4 |W6 |W11|SW1|SW3|SW5|SW7|SW11|SW19 |SE1|SE10|SE21|E1|E2|E3|N1|N5|N6|NW1|NW3|WC2|EC1|EC2|EC3|EC4|W1|W2|W4 |W6|W8 |W11 |SW1|SW3 |SW5 |SW7 |SW11 |SW19 |SE1 |SE10|SE16 |SE21 |E1 |E2 |E3 vN1 |N5 |N6 |NW1 |NW3 | WC1 |WC2|

In addition we can deploy our services national or international 24/7, 7 days a week.

SpetsnazSecurityInternational.co.uk - - Contact Us | Privacy Policy - Terms And Conditions | Company No. 10524908 | Tel: 07599574524 (Viber & WhatsApp)

A deeper dive into spetsnazsecurityinternational.co.uk

Common questions asked about www.spetsnazsecurityinternational.co.uk

1. What services does Spetsnaz Security International provide?

Spetsnaz Security International offers a wide range of security services, including private investigation, locksmith services, guard dogs and mobile dog patrols, lone worker solutions, CCTV rental and installation, VIP bodyguard services, construction site security, maritime security, retail security guard services, secure transportation services, event security guards, emergency fire watch guards, and 24-hour keyholding and alarm response services.

2. Are the security guards licensed and trained?

Yes, all security guards provided by Spetsnaz Security International are licensed and highly trained professionals. They undergo rigorous training programs to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle various security situations effectively. Additionally, the company adheres to all industry regulations and standards to provide top-quality security services.

3. Can Spetsnaz Security International provide security services for international locations?

Yes, Spetsnaz Security International offers secure transportation services and maritime security services that can be provided internationally. Whether you need secure transportation for international courier transport or maritime security guards to protect your ports, the company has the capabilities to meet your security needs worldwide.

4. How can I request a quote for security services?

To request a quote for security services, you can contact Spetsnaz Security International through their website or by calling their provided contact number. They will gather information about your specific security needs and provide you with a customized quote based on the services required.

5. Are the security services provided by Spetsnaz Security International available 24/7?

Yes, many of the security services offered by Spetsnaz Security International, such as emergency locksmith services and 24-hour keyholding and alarm response services, are available 24/7. They understand the importance of round-the-clock security and have dedicated teams ready to respond to any security emergencies or incidents.

Some reasons to choose spetsnazsecurityinternational.co.uk

Private Investigation Services

The company offers a range of private investigation services in the UK, including surveillance, background checks, and fraud investigations. Clients can rely on their expertise and professionalism to gather accurate and reliable information.

Emergency Locksmith Services

With their 24/7 emergency locksmith services, customers can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away. Whether it's a lockout situation or a broken lock, the company's skilled locksmiths are ready to provide prompt and efficient solutions.

Lone Worker Solutions

The company offers lone worker protection and safety services, including panic buttons and GPS tracking. This ensures the safety of employees who work alone, providing them with a reliable means of communication and assistance in case of emergencies.

CCTV Rental and Installation Services

Customers can benefit from the company's CCTV rental and installation services for both homes and businesses. Their team of experts can assess the specific needs of each client and provide customized solutions to enhance security and surveillance.

VIP Bodyguard Services

The company offers VIP bodyguard services in the UK, providing armed or unarmed executive protection. Clients can hire highly trained professionals to ensure their safety and security during high-profile events or personal travels.
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