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3 Ways To Close A Deal Quickly

submitted on 4 September 2018
If you work in sales, then you will know that closing a deal is the most difficult aspect of the job. The art of persuasion is key to your success and being able to do so in more cases than not, and do so quickly with the customer in mind, is a skill that not everyone has. Here are some great tips for closing a deal quickly and successfully so that both you and your customer are pleased with the results.

Who Is The Decision Maker?
If you can work out who the decision maker is in negotiations, then you will have a far more likely chance of success than if you are not sure or if you speak to the first person you come across. Whether you are selling in a business to business situation, or you are selling to an end user, you will need to speak to the decision maker otherwise all your efforts will be in vain.

If you donít speak to the decision maker, then the deal will take a lot longer to close because you will either have to go back a second time, or you will have to wait for the person you spoke to pass on the details on your meeting. Either way, it is an inefficient way to work. Doing research ahead of time with a pre-survey questionnaire or through the internet will help you immensely.

Get Backup
Although this is not a usual scenario in business to customer discussions, in business to business talks, it can be useful to get back up in the form of a manager or someone who is willing to give a testimonial. Because you might be out on site, or your manager or the previous customer (or anyone else who you think might be useful to add to the conversation) might be elsewhere, the best free conference call equipment will be a great asset. Having this extra voice or voices to add credence to what you are saying, or to give answers that you just donít have could be what persuades a customer to buy from you in the end.

Be Real
Youíll know from your own negotiations that it is entirely possible to sense when someone is being real and being themselves and when they are being fake. If a customer senses that you are being fake when trying to make a sale, they will back away. They might do this knowingly, or it could be subconsciously, but whichever it is it means that your sale is unlikely to happen, or at least not as quickly as you might have hope.

It is far better to be absolutely real. Answer questions honestly, even if the answers are not what the customer really wants to hear, or what you really want to say. Lying in a sales pitch is the worst thing you can do, as it can easily ruin your reputation and that of the company you are working for. Itís even worse if the company is your own.


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