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How and Why Outsource Web Development Philippines?

published on 30 September 2022 by magellan-solutions.com
Pros of Having Outsource Web Development Philippines Outsourcing websites is currently a prevalent trend.  However, there are still a number of questions regarding how and […] The post How and Why Outsource Web Development Philippines? appeared first o... >> read more

Press Plan: How to Write a PR Plan for Your Business

published on 30 September 2022 by prfire.co.uk
Public Relations runs the gamut of media, marketing, and outreach through various venues.  It’s such a broad and varied process that it’s easy to get lost in the weeds, focusing on techniques that barely work, ignoring prominent forms of ou... >> read more

Stock Market Best Picks for 2022

published on 30 September 2022 by gordcollins.com
Stock Market Best Picks for 2022 The Best Stocks to Buy The Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P and Russell 2000 have all fallen into a funk the last 9 months. It’s a pessimistic mood driven by rising rates, the Russian war, looming issues with China, hig... >> read more

How to Dispose of Bricks and Rubble

published on 29 September 2022 by skipsupplynetwork.co.uk
If you are looking for how to dispose of bricks and rubble in the most convenient and cost-effective way, you’ll probably be considering a number of different options. Let’s face it, it’s not the most fun or exciting part of a project, is it? But it de... >> read more

Property Management Trends

published on 29 September 2022 by managecasa.com
30 Key Trends for the Property Management Industry in 2023 As property management industry professionals adjust to the post-covid era in 2023, they have a group of legacy issues they may be taking with them into the next few years. Rent payment delays,... >> read more

What do Roof Lantern Blinds cost?

published on 29 September 2022 by barlowblinds.com
The popularity of roof lanterns has grown hugely on the last few years and a question we are getting asked […] The post What do Roof Lantern Blinds cost? first appeared on Barlow Blinds.... >> read more

The rise of technology in sport

published on 29 September 2022 by fireflycomms.com
When we think of sport we think of athletes. Athletes that are at the top of their physical game, with abilities that simply defy the laws of gravity. Basketball fans have long admired Michael Jordan’s hang time, and the game of football has never been... >> read more

How much do pallet racking inspections cost?

published on 29 September 2022 by 2hssl.com
Answering the question “How much do pallet racking inspections cost?” is difficult.  The cost of a rack safety inspection varies … The post How much do pallet racking inspections cost? appeared first on 2h Storage Solutions Ltd. ... >> read more

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

published on 29 September 2022 by bradley-mason.com
Information and advice for Landlords to maximize the opportunity of improving the EPC rating of their property portfolios, ahead of MEES regulation changes and more stringent EPC rating requirements. Background Energy Performance Certificates have been... >> read more

Rapper Coolio Dead at Age 59: Fans Are Devastated

published on 29 September 2022 by wealthofgeeks.com
Grammy Award-winning rap artist Coolio died on Wednesday in Los Angeles. The “Gangstas' Paradise” rapper was 59. Fans and friends immediately took to social media ... Read More... >> read more

How to start up a sandwich bar

published on 29 September 2022 by pdq-funding.co.uk
A sandwich bar is a great place to grab a quick, healthy meal. There are many different types of sandwiches available, so you can find one to suit your taste. For example, you can choose from a variety of meats, cheeses, and vegetables. You can also ch... >> read more

Exhibition Client Round-up Week 1-2 of September

published on 29 September 2022 by quadrant2design.com
Welcome to our exhibition client round-up for the first half of September. Our staff have been flat out this past couple of weeks as one... >> read more

Ensuring Your Agency Thrives In A Recession

published on 29 September 2022 by dacostacoaching.co.uk
There is lots of talk of a looming recession so what should you do and be focused on right now to ensure that your agency is recession-proof?What is the difference between an agency that thrives in a recession and one that just scraps by?Well, these qu... >> read more

Ofgem’s Market Compliance Review into customers struggling with bills

published on 29 September 2022 by ecabusinessenergy.com
Following from their review, Ofgem, the energy regulator, has published its Market Compliance Review of how energy suppliers assist customers... Read More » The post Ofgem’s Market Compliance Review into customers struggling with bills appeared fi... >> read more

Gestalt Principles of Design & UX

published on 29 September 2022 by kijo.co.uk
Gestalt principles of design are an important set of theories that form the foundations for many modern day web designs. When it comes to designing websites, there’s an important balance to strike between a website that looks good and one that per... >> read more

New Avian Influenza Prevention Zone declared

published on 28 September 2022 by livetecsystems.co.uk
Following more cases of avian influenza, Defra have declared a second regional AIPZ across Norfolk, Suffolk and parts of Essex. The post New Avian Influenza Prevention Zone declared appeared first on Livetec. ... >> read more

A Guide to Fully Cleaning Your Refrigerator

published on 28 September 2022 by cleanzen.com
When was the last time you cleaned your refrigerator? We don’t mean just wiping down the handles and outer surface. A full deep clean of the exterior and interior of your refrigerator is a good way to stay on top of any stinky smells from leftovers and... >> read more

What VAT applies to food items?

published on 28 September 2022 by taxbite.uk
There is VAT on food, but understanding the rules is not as straightforward as you might think. For example, some foods are VAT applicable, while some aren’t. Understanding how VAT on food applies and how it works is vital for retailers, manufact... >> read more

Wiring help is just a few clicks away

published on 28 September 2022 by blog.opto22.com
It's easy to access wiring diagrams directly through the groov Manage home page on groov EPIC or RIO. Have you ever been wiring up one of the I/O modules on your groov EPIC and you can't remember which port that wire goes into? Good news....you ... >> read more

Top 5 Reasons to Implement an Open Source ERP in 2022

published on 28 September 2022 by hotwaxsystems.com
ERP is used across multiple industries such as manufacturing, health care, education, agriculture, non-profit, hospitality, and so many more. The global enterprise resource planning software market was forecast to grow at a five-year CAGR of 7% to reac... >> read more

Are online courses tax deductible for the self employed?

published on 28 September 2022 by taxrebateservices.co.uk
Are you self employed and pay for your own training? Find out if you can claim tax relief today... The post Are online courses tax deductible for the self employed? appeared first on Tax Rebate Services. ... >> read more

Why Hebron Is One of the Best Places to Live in Indiana

published on 28 September 2022 by quadwalls.com
Hebron Indiana is one of the best towns to live in Indiana. This Indiana town offers a rural lifestyle with... The post Why Hebron Is One of the Best Places to Live in Indiana appeared first on Quadwalls. ... >> read more

How To Change Lawn Mower Blades

published on 28 September 2022 by lawn.com.au
Have you noticed that your lawn mower isn’t as efficient as it used to be? Maybe it’s not cutting grass as well, or it’s ripping out chunks instead of slicing through them. Or perhaps you’ve accidentally hit something and caused... >> read more

Automated data labeling holds the key to AI implementation

published on 28 September 2022 by oworkers.com
Automated data labeling holds the key to AI implementation The importance of many items in history, material or notional, has been sought to be denoted by equating it with money. Who has not heard of the phrase ‘time is money?’ Similar reverence today ... >> read more

How to make a profit by doing up a property

published on 28 September 2022 by coseyhomes.co.uk
Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'insertThumbnailRSS' not found or invalid function name in /srv/users/heart/live/wp/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 307 The post How to make a profit by doin... >> read more

Mini-Budget 2022 – The Effect of Stamp Duty and The Falling Pound on the UK Housing Market

published on 28 September 2022 by rw-invest.com
Enter your details below to discover our best property investment opportunities, with amazing properties available from £129,950! Last week saw the government announce its first mini-budget since Liz Truss became prime minister, revealing a stamp duty ... >> read more

What is the Difference Drinking Coffee vs Drinking Water?

published on 28 September 2022 by living-water.co.uk
It takes the loss of only about 2% of the body's total fluids for the first signs of mild dehydration to appear. Headaches, dry lips and eyes, dizziness, and cognitive dysfunction are all symptoms that can result from mild dehydration. When a person i... >> read more

Kroll CFO report reveals high cost of business overconfidence around cyber risk

published on 28 September 2022 by redscan.com
A new survey by Kroll has revealed the extent of over-confidence among Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and the organisational and financial impact of this approach. Our new CFO cybersecurity survey, which surveyed 180 CFOs, CEOs and other financial exe... >> read more

How to Think Differently About Compensation with Verne Harnish

published on 27 September 2022 by monkhouseandcompany.com
How do you think about compensation in your organisation? In this episode of The Melting Pot, Verne Harnish, a world-leading … The post How to Think Differently About Compensation with Verne Harnish appeared first on Monkhouse & Company. ... >> read more

Common mistakes in divorce

published on 27 September 2022 by georgeide.co.uk
Divorce marks a turning point in anyone’s life and represents a major change in many different aspects of a person’s life and, as such, the experience is different for everyone who goes through it. But... The post Common mistakes in divorce appeared fi... >> read more

How to Improve Google Rankings for Your Website

published on 27 September 2022 by brilliant.digital
If you want your website to be seen by as many people as possible, you need to rank high on Google. Google is the most popular search engine in the world, so it’s essential that your website appears near the top of its search results pages. In th... >> read more

It’s Growth and More Growth for Mobile Payments, Stats Show

published on 27 September 2022 by bestpaymentproviders.co.uk
The global mobile payment sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.9% from 2020 to 2025, according to…... >> read more

Our Frequently asked HR Questions (FAQ’s)

published on 27 September 2022 by consensushr.com
How can I dismiss without fear of an Employment Tribunal? If you are considering the dismissal of an employee you must ensure you follow the ACAS Code of Practice and ensure your companies Policies and Procedures are followed fully and to best practic... >> read more

Resilient Leadership – What it is and Why it Matters in Business

published on 27 September 2022 by makingbusinessmatter.co.uk
“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” – Bruce Lee The world we live in is volatile, uncertain, and ambiguous. In fact, the recent pandemic is proof of that. However, in order to survive, we must be resil... >> read more

Traffic Commissioners annual report – key compliance priorities

published on 27 September 2022 by assetgo.co.uk
The Traffic Commissioners of Great Britain has recently published its annual report to the transport secretary. Within it, they emphasise a range of key compliance issues encountered by the regulators in the year ending March 2022. Key compliance issue... >> read more

Tummy Tuck vs Lipo

published on 27 September 2022 by centreforsurgery.com
When deciding between tummy tuck vs lipo, the first thing to be aware of is that they are highly complimentary procedures. Many patients choose to have liposuction simultaneously as having a tummy tuck. Here at Centre for Surgery, most of our patients ... >> read more

Latest Insolvency Statistics in the United Kingdom and Its Impact on Economy

published on 27 September 2022 by leading.uk.com
Throughout 2022, government support after the pandemic has steadily started to get phased out. As such, there has been an increase in insolvencies throughout the country, and this is expected to continue for the back end of 2022 and during the first ha... >> read more

Types of Bespoke Cold Room Engineering and Refrigeration Systems by MTCSS

published on 27 September 2022 by mtcss.co.uk
When it comes to designing and building a temperature-controlled room, the engineering and refrigeration systems are a vital component to ensure your cold room or ambient area maintains the conditions required by your business. MTCSS are experts in not... >> read more

How to select the right heat pump for you

published on 27 September 2022 by fonko.co.nz
A Guide To Selecting The Correct Heat Pump For You How do you know what makes a good heat pump, who the top industry brands are and where to go to purchase a system and get it expertly installed? Today we are going to explain all in this great guide to... >> read more

Hargate Hall Update September

published on 27 September 2022 by hargate-hall.co.uk
The Hargate Hall monthly update is a great chance for us to share what’s been going on here at Hargate... The post Hargate Hall Update September appeared first on Hargate Hall. ... >> read more

Blogger Outreach Service: Why It Works

published on 27 September 2022 by brucejonesseo.com
Rate this post A blogger outreach service delivers incredible value and various benefits to businesses regardless of market or industry vertical. Bruce Jones SEO Consultant offers a professional blogger outreach service that minimizes waiting time, ide... >> read more

Three reasons why logo mats are a good idea this winter

published on 27 September 2022 by concept-hygiene.co.uk
Particularly in the winter months, entrance and reception areas can become a slip and trip hazard. Our laundered mat service will not only help to alleviate some of these issues, but also provide a pleasant and welcome environment at your company, scho... >> read more

The best and worst places to have a mirror in your Surrey home

published on 27 September 2022 by sheerwaterglass.co.uk
When you’re coming to the final stages of decorating your home you may be starting to think about what you’re going to be placing on your walls and where. Mirrors are the perfect finishing touch for any property, they help to brighten your home by refl... >> read more

Mini-budget measures may not stop landlords exiting the market

published on 27 September 2022 by landlordsolicitors.com
26/09/2022 WORCESTERSHIRE, UK – “The impact of the government’s mini-budget may be too little too late”, that’s the warning from a law firm specialising in legal matters for landlords across England and Wales – LandlordSol... >> read more

The Advantages of TV Advertising

published on 27 September 2022 by toasttv.co.uk
Updated September 2022 What are the advantages of TV advertising? TV Advertising builds trust Advertising boosts sales TV Adverts are full screen, not fighting for screen space TV reaches a vast audience TV advertising results can be tracked Small bran... >> read more

The Best Healthy Spicy Snacks

published on 27 September 2022 by nutstop.com
A little or a lot of spicy heat can shake up snack time and boost your health. Spicy snacks are invigorating. They can also be beneficial to your overall health by helping reduce inflammation, boosting the immune system, and possibly extending lifespan... >> read more

When is a Budget not a Budget?

published on 27 September 2022 by moorebarlow.com
The Government called it a “fiscal event” and then a “Growth Plan”. The media called it a “mini-Budget”. It was… The post When is a Budget not a Budget? appeared first on Moore Barlow LLP. ... >> read more

The Cost of a Bad Hire? TRIPLE their Salary!!!!

published on 26 September 2022 by clearhub.tech
Recruitment, especially in tech, is seriously hard work. Even just for one new team member. Listing a job, sifting through applicants, interviewing them, re-interviewing the best, negotiating an offer… It’s a lot. Imagine going through all of that... >> read more

Guide to Adopting a child

published on 26 September 2022 by smqlegal.co.uk
What is Adoption? Adoption takes place when a birth family is unable to look their... The post Guide to Adopting a child appeared first on SMQ Legal Services. ... >> read more

Protector Sponsors Fists of Fury 6

published on 26 September 2022 by protectorsecurity.co.uk
The post Protector Sponsors Fists of Fury 6 appeared first on Protector Group. ... >> read more

Content Optimisation: All you need to know

published on 26 September 2022 by seosydneyexperts.com.au
Is your content not getting the type of online traction and results you expect? The harsh reality is in this super-crowded, and over-competitive page search results on Google more is needed to have content that ranks. But, no! That’s so old schoo... >> read more

Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget response: key points

published on 26 September 2022 by pkgroup.co.uk
Have you missed the Mini Budget review? Do you require more information? PK Group have attached a Mini Budget Brochure to inform you of the latest government updates, such as tax cuts and the stamp duty abolition. Click here to view: Mini-Budget-2022 F... >> read more

What the Uber Breach Means to Suffolk Businesses

published on 26 September 2022 by corbel.co.uk
On Thursday 15th of September 2022, Uber’s – worldwide transport and food delivery service provider – internal systems were hacked, resulting in a catastrophic Uber data breach. Allegedly an 18-year-old hacker was identified as entering the datab... >> read more

10 Biggest Challenges For Managed Service Providers

published on 26 September 2022 by 31west.net
The post 10 Biggest Challenges For Managed Service Providers appeared first on 31West. ... >> read more

uk vineyard garden planted and open

published on 26 September 2022 by andysturgeon.com
We’ve just completed the garden at the award-winning Ridgeview Wine Estate in Ditchling, East Sussex, where they have built a new tasting and dining space called the Rows & Vine.... The post uk vineyard garden planted and open appeared first on And... >> read more

What you need to know about the Energy Bill Relief Scheme?

published on 26 September 2022 by cleveraccounts.com
The Government has introduced its new Energy Relief Scheme, to support UK businesses with the rising costs of energy bills. In this article, we'll explain what you need to know about the six-months plan, which will come into force in October 2022. Th... >> read more

Which is Better for Your Art: Canvas or Wood Panels?

published on 26 September 2022 by temporarywallingsystems.co.uk
The materials you choose matter whether you want to display your artwork or create a theme for a business exhibition. Making an impression at a show is essential, and people will respond better to clear imagery that gives them a realistic idea of your ... >> read more

29 Graphic Design Terms for Non-Graphic Designers

published on 26 September 2022 by looka.com
When you throw yourself into the world of DIY graphic design, it can be tough to find your footing. So many graphic design terms are thrown out there by industry professionals expecting you to know them. But while being an expert graphic designer is no... >> read more

A/B Testing For Business Owners: Achieve The Basics

published on 26 September 2022 by akoca-seo.co.uk
Reading Time: 5 minutes Getting started with split testing Understanding what is and isn’t working when it comes to your marketing campaigns can be crucial to success. If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve heard of A/B testi... >> read more

MilCorr® Shrink Film – Corrosion Solution for Assets in Harsh Storage Conditions

published on 25 September 2022 by valdamarkdirect.com
MilCorr Shrink Film Corrosion Solution for Assets in Harsh Storage Conditions A typical shrink film offers corrosion protection for both industrial and commercial assets. Cortec’s MilCorr® shrink film is the ideal corrosion solution for assets in... >> read more

Off Payroll rules to be scrapped in April 2023

published on 25 September 2022 by contracteye.co.uk
One of the many surprises the Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, announced during the so-called 'mini Budget' this week was to repeal the 'off payroll' rules in April 2023. Read more... >> read more

Off Payroll rules to be scrapped in April 2023

published on 25 September 2022 by contracteye.co.uk
One of the many surprises the Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, announced during the so-called 'mini Budget' this week was to repeal the 'off payroll' rules in April 2023. Read more... >> read more

Bin It! Don’t Block It!

published on 25 September 2022 by drain247.co.uk
An infographic about drain unblocking might seem like a strange topic for an article, but it is actually quite important. After all, blocked drains can cause all sorts of problems, from bad smells to flooding. While most people know how to unblock a si... >> read more

What Should You Do to Reduce Risk When Your Mobile Device Goes Missing?

published on 25 September 2022 by infotech21.com
Few things invoke instant panic like a missing smartphone or laptop. These devices hold a good part of our lives. This includes files, personal financials, apps, passwords, pictures, videos, and so much more. The information they hold is more personal ... >> read more

The Mini Budget 2022

published on 23 September 2022 by haroldsharp.co.uk
Download our Mini Budget Report here It’s the mini budget that wasn’t such a ‘mini’ budget after all. Today, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced the UK’s Growth Plan which delivered the largest set of tax cuts for 50 years. From cancelling the pl... >> read more

What’s Got Us Talking 23rd September 2022

published on 23 September 2022 by mitgroup.co.uk
The latest news from across the industry that ‘got us talking Take a look at our biweekly news round-up of what’s got the team talking, a collection of topical industry news from both our marine, industrial and off-highway sectors.   Subscr... >> read more

Short or long form content for Gen Z marketing?

published on 23 September 2022 by weareama.com
The post Short or long form content for Gen Z marketing? appeared first on A Marketing Agency | SEO & Digital Marketing Leeds. ... >> read more

Model Articles : Are they right for sole directors?

published on 23 September 2022 by parissmith.co.uk
Articles of association are a set of rules which determine how a company operates, they regulate the powers, affairs and relationships of the directors, shareholders and the company itself. The Companies Act 2006 (the “Act”) replaced the then well-know... >> read more

Model Articles : Are they right for sole directors?

published on 23 September 2022 by parissmith.co.uk
Articles of association are a set of rules which determine how a company operates, they regulate the powers, affairs and relationships of the directors, shareholders and the company itself. The Companies Act 2006 (the “Act”) replaced the then well-know... >> read more

Why is Goal Setting Important in Inbound Marketing

published on 23 September 2022 by newyorkseo.pro
A critical takeaway from the Covid-19 pandemic is that digital marketing works. As the world shut down in 2020 in fear of an apparent apocalypse, businesses that relied on traditional marketing techniques completely lost touch with their customers.... >> read more

The Growth Plan 2022

published on 23 September 2022 by dre.co.uk
The new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng, delivered a fiscal statement referred to as The Growth Plan 2022 on 23 September 2022. The statement to a packed House of Commons centred on the government’s plans for generating The post The Growth ... >> read more

First Year Tips for PR & Marketing Students at University

published on 23 September 2022 by escapadepr.com
Starting university is a new chapter in your life, and it can be scary meeting new people, and moving away from home but it is the beginning of a new chapter in your life that will give you full of independence and freedom. Here at Escapade PR & Ma... >> read more

E-Liquid Display Stands For Vapes And E-Cigarettes

published on 23 September 2022 by envoprint.co.uk
Whether you need a vape display stand or e-liquid display CDU, you are talking to the right people at Envoprint. We have designed, printed, and constructed a whole range of stands for the burgeoning vape trade. These maximise retails sales in a smart a... >> read more

The Growth Plan 2022

published on 23 September 2022 by dre.co.uk
The new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng, delivered a fiscal statement referred to as The Growth Plan 2022 on 23 September 2022. The statement to a packed House of Commons centred on the government’s plans for generating The post The Growth ... >> read more

Everything you need to know about the “emergency mini-budget”

published on 23 September 2022 by investmentsense.co.uk
With a new prime minister having taken office earlier this month, the government has begun to announce its plans for stimulating the UK economy during the cost of living crisis. Kwasi Kwarteng delivered what has been called a “mini-Budget” in an aim to... >> read more

Diversity and Inclusion in FMCG Hiring

published on 23 September 2022 by limetalentgroup.com
One of the earliest and most famous efforts to improve diversity in hiring came from the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1952. They had a male-dominated ensemble, and they wanted to... The post Diversity and Inclusion in FMCG Hiring appeared first on Lime... >> read more

Danger – Inflation and Underinsurance

published on 23 September 2022 by griffithsandarmour.com
News headlines have been dominated for months by the self-proclaimed “Cost of Living Crisis” following the sustained rise in inflation in the UK to over 10%, which is the highest level for over 40 years. The reasons for this are varied and include the ... >> read more

Top 5 Benefits of Commercial Security Alarms

published on 22 September 2022 by integratedsecurity.co.nz
The safety of your staff and security of your business cannot be overlooked. Ensuring your commercial property is well protected is paramount to running a company by protecting sensitive data, records and hardware on your premises. As a renowned securi... >> read more

The Role of Battery Storage in the Energy Transition

published on 22 September 2022 by powerstar.com
Shifting from fossil-fuel based energy generation to renewable power is key to the UK’s net zero ambitions. Batteries have a key role to play The post The Role of Battery Storage in the Energy Transition appeared first on Powerstar. ... >> read more

How to Prolong The Lifespan Of Your New Tires

published on 22 September 2022 by tires.co.nz
As a tyre specialist, we don’t need to tell you how important we perceive tyres to be. As the only surface touching the road, they are what keep us in control when accelerating, steering, and braking. Having a quality set of tyres with appropriate trea... >> read more

Where is Bounce Rate in GA4?

published on 22 September 2022 by dittodigital.co.uk
You may already have realised that Google Analytics 4 doesn’t track bounce rate like the older Universal Analytics. But having no Bounce Rate in GA4 isn’t the bad news it might seemRead More... The post Where is Bounce Rate in GA4? appeared first on Di... >> read more

How to Get Coffee Stains out of Carpet

published on 22 September 2022 by abbeycleaning.com
Quick Help Guide Get a towel, and blot as much coffee away, as quickly as possible. NO SCRUBBING! Mix 1 tbsp washing up liquid and 1 tbsp white vinegar into 500ml of water Dab the mixed solution into stained area of carpet with a clean cloth, blotting ... >> read more

Remote vs. Hybrid Work: These are the differences

published on 22 September 2022 by inetventures.com
The future of work after the pandemic is very different from the past. Half of the world’s population was under lockdown as of April 2020. Organizations scrambled to support remote work, and it turned out to be no one’s surprise that the ma... >> read more

Explainable AI – What’s the B2B Relevance?

published on 22 September 2022 by customerattuned.com
Explainable AI – What’s the B2B Relevance? Explainable or Interpretable AI (XAI) is all about humans being able to understand the result, output or solution that has been generat… Read more The post Explainable AI – What’s the B2B Relevance? app... >> read more

How to save your print business money | Tip #1

published on 21 September 2022 by signmaster.co.uk
Sam Kehoe shares valuable tips on how you can save money across your print business. This month she shares how an investment transformed the day-to-day running of her print business. As a former printer, if there is one thing that comes to mind when as... >> read more

invenioLSI keeps the focus on Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ)

published on 21 September 2022 by deep-insight.com
invenioLSI in partnership with Deep-Insight have built a world class customer experience program with the goal to grow their customer relationships by listening, understanding, and acting on their feedback. Deep-Insight specialize in B2B Customer Exper... >> read more

Rolls-Royce Phantom VI – The iconic “Silver Jubilee Car”

published on 21 September 2022 by frshcustoms.com
Whether or not you’re a fan of the Royal Family, there’s one thing all self-respecting car lovers can agree on, they’ve owned some pretty cool cars over the years. This post singles out one in particular, the custom-made Rolls-Royce P... >> read more

How to transfer money online in the best possible way

published on 21 September 2022 by wealthandtax.co.uk
The post How to transfer money online in the best possible way appeared first on Wealth and Tax Management. ... >> read more

Can I still get a MORTGAGE with a BAD CREDIT profile?

published on 21 September 2022 by amortgage4you.co.uk
“Can I still get a mortgage with a bad credit profile?” This is a question that we are asked by most clients who are worried that they may not be in a position to have a mortgage agreed by a lender, due to their credit profile.  With all cl... >> read more

When Is Agile Not Agile?

published on 21 September 2022 by trainingbytesize.com
When the word Agile is used to describe a scrum environment. Agile project management is often touted then described very eloquently in scrum terms. Not surprising then that people get confused. The first indication that the context is scrum is the rol... >> read more

Is your import business ready for the Customs Declaration Service?

published on 21 September 2022 by johnkphilips.co.uk
If you’re an international trader whose busine… The post Is your import business ready for the Customs Declaration Service? appeared first on John K Philips. ... >> read more

Let’s Talk: Craig David Smith of The Sunday Times & Gill Hunter

published on 21 September 2022 by squareonelaw.com
Gill Hunter spoke with Graham Robb of Recognition PR and David Smith, author and Economics Editor for The Sunday Times about the state of the economy and what the outlook of business is. Gill, Graham and David caught up after an insightful lunchtime di... >> read more

Streamlining The Customer Verification Process in The Online Gaming Industry

published on 21 September 2022 by tmtanalysis.com
The online gaming sector is filled with both opportunity and risk. As online gaming revenues have exploded over the past decades, industry professionals also know and understand that the problems associated with fake accounts and fraudulent activity ha... >> read more


published on 21 September 2022 by 247electrician.info
When the power goes out, an emergency electrician is the person you need to call. Emergency electricians are trained to deal with electrical problems that occur suddenly and without warning. They will assess the situation and take the necessary steps t... >> read more

Recruitment Agency Expo – everything you need to know

published on 20 September 2022 by wave-rs.co.uk
Wave will be heading to the Recruitment Agency Expo (RAE) where we'll be sharing the host of new features we've been adding to our core products. The post Recruitment Agency Expo – everything you need to know appeared first on Wave. ... >> read more

How To Operate A Winch Safely & Efficiently

published on 20 September 2022 by rotrexwinches.co.uk
Winching Do’s & Don’ts Hugely important to many industries, the winch may seem like a simple piece of equipment, but if not operated correctly by someone with the right training and knowledge they can cause injury and damage, this is...... >> read more

Average House Price in Bristol: Best Area to Invest in Property

published on 20 September 2022 by excaliburremovals.co.uk
If you are looking to invest in a house in Bristol, then it is important to research the different areas in Bristol. There are many lovely places to live in Bristol, but the average house prices vary according to the area, so you need to work out what ... >> read more

Memory Foam Guest Mattress

published on 20 September 2022 by gbfoamdirect.co.uk
A guest mattress is arguably the most important factor to consider when creating your guest room. Naturally, you’ll want anybody visiting your home to feel comfortable during their stay and a high-quality memory foam mattress is a sure way to guarantee... >> read more

Professional Services Firm of the Year shortlist for Excello at Leics Business Awards

published on 20 September 2022 by passionforlaw.com
Hot on the heels of the firm’s Legal Firm of the Year Award at the City of Manchester Business Awards, Excello Law has been shortlisted for Professional Services Firm of...... >> read more

Low-maintenance Plants For Easy Landscaping

published on 20 September 2022 by floralandhardy.co.uk
There’s nothing better than a beautiful garden with an array of plants. If you plan it right, your outdoor space can become a haven where you can relax from the stresses of the world – but what if you’re short on time? Some people don... >> read more

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