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How To Answer The Most Important Question In An Interview

published on 20 May 2022 by wealthofgeeks.com
Imagine this: You’re interviewing for a new job. You’re doing great. You answered every question confidently, and it’s clear that you are impressing your interviewers. ... Read More... >> read more

Recovery isn’t as simple as it sounds

published on 20 May 2022 by wtca.co.uk
The Covid-19 pandemic has been a problem for businesses of all sizes – this is a truly unprecedented situation across every industry. But as we come towards the period where companies will come out of the worst of the pandemic, it is important to start... >> read more

How to write a mission statement for a business

published on 20 May 2022 by monkhouseandcompany.com
Do you raise your eyebrows when someone mentions mission statements? It’s easy to get cynical. Too many companies use bullshit phrases when they write a meaningless mission statement.  Even worse, some mission statements are blatant lies.... >> read more

How to buy a Bed & Breakfast business

published on 20 May 2022 by pdq-funding.co.uk
It’s more a way of life than a business. We will now examine the requirements for buying and operating a B&B. You might like the idea of running a B&B if you are looking for a business that allows you to feel at home. An enjoyable B&B... >> read more

Cheap Food in Britain Is About to Become a Thing of the Past

published on 20 May 2022 by assosia.com
Cutthroat competition among retailers helped keep prices low for years, but that’s changing as costs soar. The decades-long era of cheap food in Britain may be coming to an abrupt end. With the U.K. wilting under the fastest inflation in... The post Ch... >> read more

The Kroll Intrusion Lifecycle: a visual framework for understanding threat actor behaviour

published on 20 May 2022 by redscan.com
The Kroll Intrusion Lifecycle, developed by Kroll forensics experts, provides a single framework to help organisations understand and anticipate different types of cyber threats. In this blog post, we provide a brief overview of the lifecycle and how i... >> read more

Military-Grade UAV Tracking Deployed In ‘Smart City’ Surveillance Schemes

published on 20 May 2022 by businessquotes.co.uk
Many industries are increasingly utilising unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs for fleet tracking, in order to obtain information about where vehicles are at any and all times. However, this is not without its drawbacks. The post Military-Grade UAV Tracki... >> read more

The Oceandiva – UK’s First Water Based Co2 Neutral Venue

published on 19 May 2022 by plus-exhibitionstands.com
Thursday 19th May The Launch of the Stunning Oceandiva London Are you ready for a game-changing new events venue in London? Launching in autumn 2022, Oceandiva London is about to make waves as the UK’s first water-based venue that’s completely carbon... >> read more

How to Lay a Concrete Shed Base

published on 19 May 2022 by theconcretenetwork.co.uk
Taking the time to create a solid, level concrete shed base will ensure the long-term safety and stability of your new shed. It’s an important part of the process, and it’s relatively straightforward. If you have a few tools and some DIY knowledge then... >> read more

County Hall – Roof Access Scaffold

published on 19 May 2022 by lindwayscaffolding.co.uk
We have recently completed a design roof access scaffold for Derbyshire County Council at County Hall in Matlock. This bespoke scaffold includes stairtower and hoist access to allow roofing works. ... >> read more

The Best Investment in Office Hydration Is a Mains Office Cooler

published on 19 May 2022 by living-water.co.uk
Drinking enough water is essential throughout the day, even if we are just sitting in an office doing administrative work. However, many people dislike drinking tap water and so become dehydrated, fatigued, and lacking in energy to carry out the tasks ... >> read more

Why Website Maintenance is Important [UPDATED 2022]

published on 19 May 2022 by brilliant.digital
Your website does most of the heavy-lifting when it comes to online marketing. For that reason, website maintenance is important and should not be neglected.... >> read more

6 Ways to Monitor, Measure and Manage your Business Cash Flow

published on 19 May 2022 by cealimited.co.uk
As a business owner, cash flow management can often be seen as less important than profit margins and the number of clients you have. However, monitoring, measuring and managing your business cash flow successfully is an essential part of keeping the c... >> read more

How to Maximise Warehouse Space for Growing Businesses

published on 19 May 2022 by doity.com
Outgrowing warehouse space is a common headache for growing business owners. The expense and logistical challenges of relocation aren’t always practical, particularly at a time when problematic supply chains are rife with shipping delays, cost increase... >> read more

Why Your Business Need Outsourced Finance and Accounting Services?

published on 19 May 2022 by magellan-solutions.com
Outsourced Finance and Accounting Services – Does Your Business Even Need It? Accounting and finance is the backbone of every company.  Your firm depends on […] The post Why Your Business Need Outsourced Finance and Accounting Services? app... >> read more

50 Color Combinations You Need to Use in 2022

published on 19 May 2022 by looka.com
People are visual creatures. We can’t help it! We’re influenced by the things we see, and color combinations have a major impact on how we perceive and react to things. Color communicates on both conscious and subconscious levels, and where language ca... >> read more

How To Prepare Your Bike For Summer

published on 19 May 2022 by airevelobearings.com
Getting Your Bike Summer Ready With the Summer well on its way, most people are getting their bikes ready to start riding a lot more and venturing to new places. So, when the distance in which you travel increases, it becomes more important to ensure t... >> read more

Hybrid Workforce Likely to be the Model of Choice for Most Companies

published on 19 May 2022 by oworkers.com
Hybrid Workforce Likely to be the Model of Choice for Most Companies The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the world in some fundamental ways. One of them is regarding the place of work. For long, a clear separation between work and non-work places has be... >> read more

Build a Self-Running Agency with Simon Isaac of Capsule Marketing

published on 19 May 2022 by dacostacoaching.co.uk
When you started your agency, you probably had some end goals in mind. A lot of people dream about selling their agency, but the reality is that it's very difficult to sell a service-based business (and make a decent amount of money). So perhaps ... >> read more

Selling land: Top tips for a quick and easy sale

published on 18 May 2022 by parissmith.co.uk
We recently published guidance on Local Authorities “Call for Sites” for development and the process that entails should a landowner want to have their land allocated for development and thus increase value and marketability. When selling land, it’s im... >> read more

Email Marketing Ideas

published on 18 May 2022 by businessdataprospects.com
Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and let them know about new products, sales, and events. But sometimes, it can be challenging to develop new ideas for your email marketing campaigns. Here are some ideas to get you st... >> read more

New rules for Google Ads in PPC – important read

published on 18 May 2022 by weareinfront.com
Anyone who uses PPC and paid adverts will be aware that there are strict rules for advertising. Users who fall foul of these are likely to receive a warning notification (sometimes called a strike.) Google Ads operates a ‘three strikes and you are out’... >> read more

Selling land: Top tips for a quick and easy sale

published on 18 May 2022 by parissmith.co.uk
We recently published guidance on Local Authorities “Call for Sites” for development and the process that entails should a landowner want to have their land allocated for development and thus increase value and marketability. When selling land, it’s im... >> read more

Online Grocery: Free Whitepaper About the Rapid Grocery Market

published on 18 May 2022 by makingbusinessmatter.co.uk
Online Grocery has Been Around a While, but Rapid Grocery and the Likes of Getir, DoorDash, Gorillas, and Tesco Whoosh are Creating a Whole New Market. The 10-Minute Delivery. Heard about the rapid grocers, about the 10-minute deliveries and need to kn... >> read more

Weekly Market View – w/c 9th May, 2022

published on 18 May 2022 by ecabusinessenergy.com
Click here to view report » The post Weekly Market View – w/c 9th May, 2022 appeared first on ECA Business Energy. ... >> read more

Machine translation in the field of marketing

published on 18 May 2022 by comtectranslations.co.uk
With the rising demand for more interactive, personalised content, delivered at scale, marketers are turning to machine translation to help them get there. The post Machine translation in the field of marketing appeared first on Comtec Translations. ... >> read more

Important: Update to continue sending emails from Opto 22 products

published on 18 May 2022 by blog.opto22.com
New technical note shows you how to update security settings for your email applications. You can use many Opto 22 products to send email notifications to keep engineers and technicians aware of important conditions in your system. For example: Y... >> read more

The Ultimate Guide to Data Loss Prevention

published on 18 May 2022 by handd.co.uk
  What is DLP? Decades of digital technology transformation have given employees amazing powers. But with that power also comes the ability to send millions of dollars in just a few clicks, or share an entire customer database in... The post The U... >> read more

Construction lawyer Bal Manak promoted to Partner

published on 18 May 2022 by squareonelaw.com
Square One Law are delighted to announce the promotion of Bal Manak to Construction Partner. Having held the position of Senior Associate in our Property team for two and a half years, she will lead the development of our Construction service across We... >> read more

The top 10 sporting events coming to the UK in summer 2022

published on 18 May 2022 by investmentsense.co.uk
It’s fair to say that the UK is addicted to sport. After two years of events being affected by the Covid pandemic to some extent or another, there’s more of an excited air of anticipation than usual as we approach the summer. So, here’s a guide to 10 a... >> read more

What does a private wealth lawyer do?

published on 18 May 2022 by moorebarlow.com
Private wealth lawyers advise individuals on a wide variety of personal matters providing general or specific tax advice in the… The post What does a private wealth lawyer do? appeared first on Moore Barlow LLP. ... >> read more

When do I need a professional corporate headshot?

published on 18 May 2022 by corporateheadshotslondon.com
corporate headshots from corporate photography Ltd We are a team of corporate photographers in London and supply creative event photography to City clients. ... >> read more

Switch Property Management Software

published on 18 May 2022 by managecasa.com
Time to Switch to a New Property Management Software?   “If the software we’re using now is working okay, why would we need to switch?”   That’s a common question property managers ask when pondering whether to upgrade... >> read more

Minimise the Burden on your Brain Power

published on 18 May 2022 by corbel.co.uk
Concentrate more, be interrupted less… and make stuff happen When you are a manager or a director, you have a lot of responsibilities. In addition, your customers and your team want to speak to you throughout their working day. This inevitably means th... >> read more

Coffee Break with Steve Jarvis

published on 18 May 2022 by powerstar.com
Once a month, we share a morning coffee break with one of the Powerstar team to find out more insight into their day-to-day role and why they enjoy working within the Energy sector. The post Coffee Break with Steve Jarvis appeared first on Powerstar. ... >> read more

Not your average picnic!

published on 18 May 2022 by escapadepr.com
With warmer days and summer in our sights, it’s the perfect time for a picnic! We love to get outside, embrace the sunshine and enjoy your favourite summer treats, don’t you? Whether you want to take a picnic outside with friends or family over the lon... >> read more

What does an SEO consultant actually do?

published on 18 May 2022 by andymorley.co.uk
If you have found yourself on my website then it is reasonable to assume that you are looking into search engine optimisation, whether that is for your company website or you are learning SEO yourself, you could even be a competitor taking a look at wh... >> read more

The simple way to save up to £260,000 Inheritance Tax every seven years

published on 18 May 2022 by wealthandtax.co.uk
The post The simple way to save up to £260,000 Inheritance Tax every seven years appeared first on Wealth and Tax Management. ... >> read more

Frequently Asked Questions About Legionella Control

published on 18 May 2022 by covac.co.uk
Legionella control is an important disease prevention procedure many businesses and individuals must adhere to in order to prevent long term health issues as a result of inhaling small droplets of contaminated water. Legionella can, in extreme cases, c... >> read more

How Can I Perform Local SEO for Any Website?

published on 17 May 2022 by digitalimpactsolutions.co.uk
Local search engine optimisation is crucial for small businesses to survive in the market. According to a study, nearly 46% of Google searches intend to look for local information. That’s a huge number; almost half of all Google searchers are loo... >> read more

Fabulous & Fun Activities For Your Kids At A Wedding

published on 17 May 2022 by hargate-hall.co.uk
Deciding to have children at your wedding is practically guaranteed to bring cuteness. After all, it’s a family celebration. However,... The post Fabulous & Fun Activities For Your Kids At A Wedding appeared first on Hargate Hall. ... >> read more

How are Brazil Nuts Used in Cooking?

published on 17 May 2022 by nutstop.com
With brazil nuts good for you in so many ways, you’ll want to explore the diverse ways to include them in your diet. When eaten raw or roasted they are a healthy snack option. However, they can be used in sweet and savory dishes. There are also s... >> read more

How To Grow Tomatoes

published on 17 May 2022 by lawn.com.au
There’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh, homegrown tomatoes. And believe it or not, growing tomatoes is actually pretty easy. If you’re looking to add delicious tomatoes to your garden this year, keep reading for tips on how to get st... >> read more

Epoxy Floor Painters

published on 17 May 2022 by angliadecor.co.uk
Epoxy Floor Painters Epoxy floor painting Anglia Decor specialise in epoxy floor painting projects. Our team are able to transform your warehouse floor in a single weekend.We are members of the P.D.A. Pedestrian walkways can help organise busy areas an... >> read more

How to Drop PPO Plans From Your Dental Practice

published on 17 May 2022 by americandentalmarketing.com
Whether you are a new practitioner or are well along your dental practice lifecycle, if you’re currently working with one or more PPO plans, and are looking forward to the day when you will become 100% fee for service, congratulations! The First Step t... >> read more

Removal into storage.

published on 17 May 2022 by charles-wood.co.uk
Just wanted to pass on our thanks to the removal team over the two days. They were very accommodating, helpful and friendly which was much appreciated. As you will be aware everything went to plan. We both felt we had been looked after well by both the... >> read more

Digital Marketing Terminology – 12 Useful Non-Jargon References For Small Business Owners

published on 17 May 2022 by akoca-seo.co.uk
Reading Time: 6 minutes Running a small business, you find yourself spinning many plates and wearing many different hats. Whether you handle your Digital Marketing in house or outsource to a Digital Marketing Specialist, understanding the Digital Mark... >> read more

What will software development look like in 2030?

published on 17 May 2022 by clearhub.tech
Cast your mind back, if you will, to 2010. Do you remember what the biggest leaps in consumer and business technology were back then? It was the year that Instagram launched. The first iPad was introduced. Cloud computing went mainstream, with Microsof... >> read more

Queens Platinum Jubilee Dining & Live Music

published on 17 May 2022 by wickwoods.co.uk
Posted: 17/5/22 The post Queens Platinum Jubilee Dining & Live Music appeared first on Wickwoods. ... >> read more

See Bellmarine electric propulsion technology at Crick boat show!

published on 17 May 2022 by mitgroup.co.uk
See Bellmarine electric propulsion technology at Crick boat show! Visit Engines Plus on stand Q37 where they will be displaying Bellmarine Electric Propulsion technology suitable for all your leisure boating needs! As a partner to MIT, Engines Plus has... >> read more

Fabulous Ferns for Your Home or Office

published on 17 May 2022 by indoor-plants.co.uk
Are Ferns Good Indoor Plants Ferns are fine as houseplants and can be a wonderful low maintenance option, as long as they get a suitable amount of humidity. They will always do better in a medium to bright bathroom or kitchen. Not all ferns are suitabl... >> read more

“You are always moaning and sick!!”

published on 17 May 2022 by consensushr.com
The post “You are always moaning and sick!!” appeared first on Consensus HR. ... >> read more

Choosing your Vinyl Manufacturer

published on 17 May 2022 by signmaster.co.uk
Choosing your Vinyl Manufacturer At Signmaster Systems we are privileged to work with some of the world’s market leading Vinyl Manufacturers. We have also built a team of experienced media experts who have successfully ran their own print business, bee... >> read more

Held to ransom: protecting your business from cyber attack

published on 17 May 2022 by passionforlaw.com
Tuckers had been hit by a ransomware attack that caused the encryption of almost one million files and the release of a small number of these onto the dark web....... >> read more

How Do You Find Drainage Plans For Your House?

published on 17 May 2022 by jonnys-drains.co.uk
If you’re considering doing any type of extension to your home or you want to build a garage or a conservatory, you’ll need to know where all the drainage pipes are on your property. For this, you need to obtain drainage plans for your home. But, how d... >> read more

Dr Mark’s Virtual Tea Time Chat with Andrew Hough, Institute of Sales Professionals

published on 17 May 2022 by customerattuned.com
In this episode, Dr Mark talks to Andrew Hough, CEO of the Institute of Sales Professionals. The Institute of Sales Professionals  has already grown to over 7,000 members across 8… Read more The post Dr Mark’s Virtual Tea Time Chat with An... >> read more

How to Use a Floor Scrubber Machine for the First Time

published on 17 May 2022 by cleanhire.co.uk
If you’ve never used a floor scrubber machine before, don’t worry – it’s not as complicated as it may seem. In this blog post, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use a floor scrubber machine. We’ll also provid... >> read more

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) – Income Tax Relief

published on 17 May 2022 by haroldsharp.co.uk
In our last Tax Tuesday, we considered EIS reinvestment relief (linked here) whereby an investment in shares in a qualifying EIS company can be used to defer a capital gain so it only ultimately comes into charge on the sale of the EIS shares themselve... >> read more

Party Walls: What options does an Adjoining Owner have?

published on 17 May 2022 by squarepointsurveyors.co.uk
The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 states that, should a Building Owner wish to carry out any modifications to their home that affects a shared wall, they need to follow a specific procedure to protect their interests and those of the affected Adjoining Owne... >> read more

3 Benefits of a Modular Cold Room by MTCSS

published on 17 May 2022 by mtcss.co.uk
The Benefits of Choosing an MTCSS Modular Cold Room Did you know MTCSS offer modular cold rooms, as well as bespoke and custom cold rooms? MTCSS’s modular cold room range is perfect for businesses looking for small to medium capacity cold rooms. Modula... >> read more

Plinths and Pedestals: Why Your Exhibition Display Stand Needs Them

published on 16 May 2022 by temporarywallingsystems.co.uk
If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, conference or another event, it’s essential to have an attractive and eye-catching display stand. Bold graphics and on-point branding are the components people think about most – but did you know ... >> read more

Partnership with Defense Mobility

published on 16 May 2022 by serimax.com
At Serimax Everyday is a Fresh Day Find out how your day can become more exciting with our Défense Mobilité partnership Find out more In May 2022 Serimax partnered with Defense Mobility in the quest to acquire and attract new technical talent experienc... >> read more

Apartment Xisco 2A – Pine Walk

published on 16 May 2022 by vidavillas.co.uk
3 bedrooms, sleeps 6 Super 2nd Floor Pine Walk property overlooking idyllic sandy beach. Fantastic location close to restaurants, shops and cafe bars but on the quiet stretch between the Illa D’or and Little Italy,  enjoy the peace and tranquilit... >> read more

High Wycombe Furniture Trade History

published on 16 May 2022 by gbfoamdirect.co.uk
High Wycombe is famous for its historic furniture trade. Several of today’s most influential furniture manufacturers including Ercol, Parker Knoll and G-Plan began life during this exciting wave. When the High Wycombe Furniture Trade Began The High Wyc... >> read more

andy’s chelsea diary: update from the garden

published on 16 May 2022 by andysturgeon.com
We are two weeks into the build of the garden and everything is progressing calmly. The walls are now complete and we’ve had the opportunity to make use of a... The post andy’s chelsea diary: update from the garden appeared first on Andy Sturgeon Garde... >> read more

SIP Trunking: 10 Things Every Business Should Know

published on 16 May 2022 by junotelecoms.co.uk
Have you been looking to find out more about SIP trunking and the benefits these could provide for your users? While the benefits of SIP trunking may not always be immediately clear, there are countless reasons you might want to invest in SIP trunks fo... >> read more

VoIP Phone Systems; Working From Home

published on 16 May 2022 by tritelecoms.uk
The post VoIP Phone Systems; Working From Home appeared first on Tri Telecoms. ... >> read more

…above and beyond…!

published on 16 May 2022 by shepherdstubbs.com
Good evening Jon, I would just like to give a glowing report for Tracy as she has gone above and beyond. I applied for a job last week and she went through it all with me. Not pushy at all. I ended up getting job which I am delighted with. Tracy is so ... >> read more

5 ideas for uses for toughened glass mirrors around the house

published on 16 May 2022 by sheerwaterglass.co.uk
Having mirrors around your home can help to brighten your rooms whilst creating the illusion of additional space. At Sheerwater Glass, we offer custom-cut toughened glass mirrors that can be used anywhere around your home. Our mirrors aren’t just avail... >> read more

Is an Online Sales Tax the answer to saving our high streets?

published on 16 May 2022 by taxrebateservices.co.uk
Is an Online Sales Tax the answer to saving our high streets? The government are considering an online sales tax is this a good or a bad idea? The post Is an Online Sales Tax the answer to saving our high streets? appeared first on Tax Rebate Services.... >> read more

Wave News: Building a candidate attraction powerhouse, April jobs data, awards shortlist and more

published on 16 May 2022 by wave-rs.co.uk
Hello and welcome to the May edition of Wave News! It’s an exciting time here at Wave HQ as we found out that we have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Talent Tech Innovation Award at the 2022 TIARA Talent Tech Star Awards. We are beyond thrilled ... >> read more

What happens to my equity release plan if I go into long-term care?

published on 16 May 2022 by equityreleasesussex.co.uk
Equity Release is a popular financial product for the over-55s that can help unlock the value built up in your home. At John Whyte Equity Release, we have many years’ experience providing expert advice, so you get the right equity release plan for your... >> read more

Top Mental Health Speakers – 2022

published on 16 May 2022 by londonspeakerbureau.com
For more information on any of these mental health speakers & experts, or to enquire about having them as your next speaker or adviser, please contact us below Contact us... >> read more

Why Hiring Residential Block Cleaners Will Benefit Your Building

published on 15 May 2022 by cleancompanylondon.co.uk
London’s Residential Block Cleaners: Keep Your Building Lobby’s, Corridors and Common Parts Clean When Hire Best Rated Block Cleaning Company!   CCL Cleaners Jet Wash Team When you hire residential block cleaners, you’ll have a piece of mind that you... >> read more

Classic bedroom styles to impress

published on 15 May 2022 by promasbuilding.com
ProMas have put together a range of stylish options to redecorate your bedroom leaving your space timelessly stylish. The post Classic bedroom styles to impress appeared first on Promas Building. ... >> read more

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Locks?

published on 15 May 2022 by keyholekates.co.uk
The post Why You Need to Upgrade Your Locks? appeared first on Keyhole Kates. ... >> read more

How Much Long-Term Debt Should a Company Have in the United Kingdom?

published on 14 May 2022 by leading.uk.com
Recently the Bank of England (BoE) reported that total corporate debt had risen by around 6% over the past two years in the UK. Their figures also revealed that small and medium-sized (SME) businesses carried more of the burden – by as much as a third ... >> read more

SommerSEO – Infos & Tipps zum SEO-Contest 2022

published on 14 May 2022 by khoa-nguyen.de
Erfahre hier alle Infos zum SEO-Contest 2022 mit wertvollen Tipps, Hinweisen und Ratschlägen rund um den Wettbewerb. Weitere Infos zum Wettbewerb erhältst du auf der Veranstaltungsseite unter https://www.seo-vergleich.de/sichtbarkeit/seo-contest-2022/.... >> read more

The Cost and Value of Search Engine Optimization in 2022

published on 14 May 2022 by brucejonesseo.com
Rate this post SEO has become so popular in the last ten years that it’s become a buzzword. Anything and everything can be attributed to SEO. Nevertheless, real SEO – the type that needs a general strategy, lots of planning, and hard work, has he... >> read more

5 Different Types of Suspended Ceilings

published on 13 May 2022 by wessexinteriors.co.uk
Suspended ceilings are secondary ceilings suspended from a structural floor slab above producing a space between the bottom of the floor slab and the top of the suspended ceiling. They can be useful as they offer valuable space for building utilities t... >> read more

5 top tips to keep your home safe from burglars

published on 13 May 2022 by adlocks.co.uk
Your home is your sanctuary – a place where you should feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, crime rates are on the rise, so it’s important to take steps to protect your home and family. In this blog post, we will discuss some home security tips that wi... >> read more

6 Benefits of Printed Marketing Materials

published on 13 May 2022 by wensumprint.co.uk
The post 6 Benefits of Printed Marketing Materials appeared first on Wensum Print. ... >> read more

The Difference Between Sole Trader and Limited Company

published on 13 May 2022 by ljsaccountingservices.com
If you are wanting to know the difference between a sole trader or a limited company and which one your business would be best as – then we are here to help guide you and give you all the information you might need so you can make an informed dec... >> read more

New regulations on transporting goods to EU to hit car and van operators

published on 13 May 2022 by assetgo.co.uk
From 21 May 2022, you’ll need a standard international goods vehicle operator licence to transport goods for hire or reward in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Vehicles between 2.5 tonnes and 3.5 tonnes that cross international b... >> read more

How CCTV makes your property more secure

published on 12 May 2022 by maltaward.co.uk
The use of CCTV has become far more common in recent years. Well known for its uses protecting businesses and the public in city centres, it is also true that CCTV can be an invaluable security measure everywhere from vacant properties to construction ... >> read more

An Ultimate Guide To Flat Roof Extensions

published on 12 May 2022 by multiformroofing.co.uk
The post An Ultimate Guide To Flat Roof Extensions appeared first on Multiform Roofing. ... >> read more

How to Naturally Treat Constipation

published on 12 May 2022 by opencollege.info
In simple terms, constipation is when you experience difficulties in opening your bowels or don’t open them regularly. If you find yourself opening your bowels less than three times a week, it’s highly likely the result of constipation. Constipation is... >> read more

Holiday lets occupancy check

published on 12 May 2022 by dre.co.uk
The furnished holiday let (FHL) rules allow holiday lettings of properties that meet certain conditions to be treated as a trade for tax purposes. In order to qualify as a furnished holiday letting, the following criteria need to be met: The The post... >> read more

Mediation, Company Law Disputes and Mediation Advocacy

published on 12 May 2022 by sr-law.co.uk
By Dr Georgina Tsagas, Consultant Solicitor, Simons Rodkin Solicitors LLP, Bloomsbury London W1 and Finchley London N12. For how mediation and mediation advocacy would work in your case if you have a company law related query or dispute call 0207112884... >> read more

Holiday lets occupancy check

published on 12 May 2022 by dre.co.uk
The furnished holiday let (FHL) rules allow holiday lettings of properties that meet certain conditions to be treated as a trade for tax purposes. In order to qualify as a furnished holiday letting, the following criteria need to be met: The The post... >> read more

Neural TTS Voiceovers

published on 12 May 2022 by accentuagroup.com
Neural TTS Voiceovers   Historically, it’s always a bit of a battle between ideal voiceover talent vs choice and availability.   What is more nerve-racking and creates more risk than getting to the end of a project and being completely stuck due the ab... >> read more

Can You Inspire Those Around You?

published on 12 May 2022 by ldl.co.uk
As a modern manager, your ability to inspire those around you and improve their results will set you apart. It will accelerate your career perhaps more than any other factor. Recognising that your most precious possession is the people who work for you... >> read more

Website Design and SEO Services – How  They Work Together

published on 12 May 2022 by bemunchieonline.co.uk
Website Design and SEO Services – How  They Work Together Your online journey begins with a website highlighting your business and following your brand identity. But this alone will not improve your online visibility, drive traffic, and potential... >> read more

Guide to Construction Waste Management

published on 12 May 2022 by skipsupplynetwork.co.uk
If your construction project produces waste, then you have a legal requirement to properly manage that waste by reducing, reusing, recycling and disposing of it correctly. Construction waste management is especially important as the waste produced tend... >> read more

10 Tips for Making Videos Like a Professional

published on 11 May 2022 by gillespieproductions.com
Today’s top businesses know that effectively communicating any message starts with an impactful video. Videos are incredibly engaging compared with other types of content and they can be both informative and entertaining. In fact, videos are shown to b... >> read more

2 years in the “Temporaire” for the “Traube Tonbach”.

published on 11 May 2022 by neptunus.co.uk
The post 2 years in the “Temporaire” for the “Traube Tonbach”. appeared first on Neptunus. ... >> read more

Do I need a structural engineer to remove a wall?

published on 11 May 2022 by simplifyengineering.co.uk
Load-bearing walls are key structural elements that are designed to provide support to your home, from the roof and walls above through to your floor. This means they should never be removed without consulting a structural engineer, who will be able to... >> read more

Peaks & Parks – Ecodek’s Stylish and Sustainable Composite Decking Ranges

published on 11 May 2022 by ecodek.co.uk
The post Peaks & Parks – Ecodek’s Stylish and Sustainable Composite Decking Ranges appeared first on Ecodek. ... >> read more

NEW ProfiNET Dual-Axis Stepper Drive

published on 11 May 2022 by orlin.co.uk
The post NEW ProfiNET Dual-Axis Stepper Drive appeared first on ORLIN Technologies Ltd | Specialists In Motion Control. ... >> read more

First-Time Buyers Beware: 7 Key Checks Before You Buy

published on 11 May 2022 by homehousebuyers.co.uk
First-Time Buyers Beware: 7 Key Checks Before You Buy   The average age of a first-time buyer in the UK now stands at 32 years, a rise from 29 years a decade earlier. If you... The post First-Time Buyers Beware: 7 Key Checks Before You Buy appeared fir... >> read more

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