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7 Ways to Improve Your Office Space

Accounting Mistakes Made by Big Businesses

How a Clean Office Helps Your Business

Tips for Increasing the Efficiency of Your Businesses Energy Use

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What is Atlassian ACP?

published on 30 January 2023 by
ACP stands for “Atlassian Certification Program”. An Atlassian contractor or working professional who has participated in the ACP is recognised as an Atlassian Certified Professional – or an ACP (we know, it’s confusing!). The best of the best go ... >> read more

How Well Does Coconut Water Hydrate the Body?

published on 29 January 2023 by
It has been asserted by proponents of coconut water that it is a hydration powerhouse that will hydrate better than water thanks to its naturally occurring sugar and electrolytes; however, is it truly all that it is cracked up to be? Coconut water is t... >> read more

Micromanaging Can Damage Your Business!

published on 29 January 2023 by
Understand It, Avoid It, and You’ll Work Together Better Micromanaging is a term you frequently hear when people talk about their bosses. It’s often used in the context of authoritative, transactional and pacesetting leaders. As human beings, we ... >> read more

Woman Hulks Out on Husband for Gifting Her a New Gaming System When They Have Debts

published on 29 January 2023 by
The current economy is challenging for many people, and the pandemic has only made it more challenging. Pre-pandemic, many families could live off of one ... Read More... >> read more

A/B Testing: Is It Worth The Hassle?

published on 28 January 2023 by
All you professional marketers and brand-building afficionados, here’s a task that’s no doubt been slung on your desk, or fired over to you in a long-winded email. The practice of A/B testing is undeniably important – let’s get ... >> read more

Choosing Property Management Software

published on 28 January 2023 by
Choosing Property Management Software The Right Property Management Software Software technology has come a long way in the past few years. Improvements in property management technology in particular is responding to growth in the rental property sect... >> read more

95% Mortgages for Discharged Bankrupts

published on 28 January 2023 by
Can I get a 95% Mortgage if I am a Discharged Bankrupt? “If you’re discharged from bankrupt now or ever have been, there’s no way you can ever own your own home.” This has long been the belief of the greater public and we have the media, the big lender... >> read more

What is the Difference between a Low Doc Loan and a No Doc Loan?

published on 28 January 2023 by
Low Doc Loans In recent years, one of the fastest growing segments of the Australian mortgage market has been low doc loans. These are loans for which borrowers are able to "certify" their income by alternative methods during the application process. F... >> read more

How Can Irrelevant Website Content Damage Your SEO Results?

published on 27 January 2023 by
Irrelevant content doesn’t sit well in the Google algorithm. Not only will it push you further down in the results page, but it might even mark your content as spam, which is even worse. If you want to make sure your website and/or your blog or news pa... >> read more

Getting A Loan To Buy A Business In The UK: The Essential Guide

published on 27 January 2023 by
Are you looking to buy a UK business, but don’t have enough money saved up? Don’t worry – it is possible to get a loan for this purpose. In this article, the experienced team at Chelsea Corporate will provide an essential guide on how to acquire a loan... >> read more

What Is Commercial Videography? Everything You Need To Know

published on 27 January 2023 by
Commercial videography is the process of creating videos for marketing purposes – including advertising products, services and various causes. When done correctly, commercial videos can be highly effective in promoting a business or product ̵... >> read more

Why focus is the secret to fast business growth

published on 27 January 2023 by
There’s no denying it. It’s tough out there. Many business leaders who come to us asking for help feel exhausted … The post Why focus is the secret to fast business growth appeared first on Monkhouse & Company. ... >> read more

How Do You Make Homemade Compost?

published on 27 January 2023 by
Are you looking to learn about homemade composting? For those willing to put in the effort, there’s a range of benefits both to your garden and the planet when you make your own compost. With a little bit of know-how and a lot of patience, you can turn... >> read more

2023 Trends in Suspended Ceilings

published on 27 January 2023 by
In the construction and interior design industries, suspended ceilings are fast becoming one of the most respected alternatives to a traditional ceiling. This is largely in part thanks to their versatility, both in design and usage, and aesthetics and ... >> read more

Foam For Sports & Leisure

published on 27 January 2023 by
Foam plays an important role in many different sports & leisure activities. Due to its cushioning nature, durability and impact absorption levels, it is often used to make a wide range of useful products. Some examples include protective gear, cert... >> read more

The 9 best employee perks your workplace can offer

published on 27 January 2023 by
If you want to attract top talent, you can’t always compete on salary, but you can always improve employee benefits. Providing them makes your employees feel valued and makes their working lives more enjoyable. A happy employee is a more producti... >> read more

5 ways to mobilise the Xero app

published on 27 January 2023 by
The Xero accounting mobile app enables you to do most of the tasks that you can perform in a web browser but from your mobile. In a world where we check our phone on average 221 times a day, it’s no wonder that Xero have developed the app to be such a ... >> read more

What a House Clearing Includes and Doesn’t Include

published on 27 January 2023 by
If you’ve got a lot of stuff that you need to get rid of, be it from refurbishing a house […] The post What a House Clearing Includes and Doesn’t Include first appeared on Bellview Transport.... >> read more

Everything you need to know about Car insurance in the UK

published on 27 January 2023 by
Table of Contents Chapter 1: The need for car insurance Why do you need insurance, and what is its importance of it? Insurance is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss. It is a contract betwe... >> read more

Seatbelt law and the consequence of not wearing one 

published on 27 January 2023 by
It is well established that where seatbelts are fitted in a car they should be worn so it is a… The post Seatbelt law and the consequence of not wearing one  appeared first on Moore Barlow LLP. ... >> read more

FAQs about Corporate Headshots

published on 27 January 2023 by
A selection of FAQs about Corporate Headshots. How long does a corporate headshot take? This does depend on how long the person wants to spend in front of the camera. Some people have been asked to supply a corporate headshot by their company and want ... >> read more

Which CBD Product Should I Take?

published on 27 January 2023 by
We understand if it is your first time trying CBD it can be a bit of a minefield finding the perfect product for you. Luckily we offer a wide range of oils, capsules, vapes, topicals & gummies for you to choose from! There is not a straightforward ... >> read more

Economic Uncertainty Brings Open Source Software to the Forefront

published on 27 January 2023 by
If there’s one thing that’s been a constant in the past couple years, it’s economic uncertainty. From the covid shut downs and tech companies going on hiring sprees as their products and services surged in popularity, to the recent wave of layoffs at t... >> read more

Types Of Date Fruit

published on 26 January 2023 by
Dates are a type of fruit that come in hundreds of varieties and offer many health benefits. Their sweet, chewy texture and flavor make them perfect for snacks and ingredients. Their origins come from the Middle East. The reason that dates are so popul... >> read more

New Green Freeports for Scotland

published on 26 January 2023 by
The UK and Scottish governments have jointly announced that Inverness and Cromarty Firth Green Freeport and Forth Green Freeport have been successful in their bids to establish two new Green Freeports in Scotland. Each of these Freeports will be The po... >> read more

How To Get Rid Of Clover In Your Lawn

published on 26 January 2023 by
Have you ever dug around a clover patch to find that elusive four-leaf clover? While a four-leaf supposedly brings luck, it’s a little less pleasant for your lawn. Clover is actually considered a broadleaf weed, and while it’s not too harmf... >> read more

New Green Freeports for Scotland

published on 26 January 2023 by
The UK and Scottish governments have jointly announced that Inverness and Cromarty Firth Green Freeport and Forth Green Freeport have been successful in their bids to establish two new Green Freeports in Scotland. Each of these Freeports will be The po... >> read more

Wills for Gibraltar Residents and Non-Residents

published on 26 January 2023 by
The Wills team at Hassans has produced a series of handy guides to Wills; why it’s critical to ensure your affairs are in order whether you are resident in Gibraltar, […] The post Wills for Gibraltar Residents and Non-Residents appeared fir... >> read more

Planning An Exhibition

published on 26 January 2023 by
The post Planning An Exhibition appeared first on Plus Exhibition Stands. ... >> read more

My Journey to Becoming a Locksmith

published on 26 January 2023 by
In this post, I will share my journey to becoming a locksmith, consisting of the steps I took, the obstacles I dealt with, and the rewards of this profession. The post My Journey to Becoming a Locksmith appeared first on Green Locksmith - 24/7 Local &a... >> read more

Menopause and Employment Law : What are employers’ obligations?

published on 26 January 2023 by
The recent announcement that Ministers have rejected a proposal from MPs to introduce specific “menopause leave” pilots has bought the issue of how employers should support employees going through the menopause back into the spotlight. The ... >> read more

What Are Through Wall & Straddle Monoblock Refrigeration Units?

published on 26 January 2023 by
Through Wall and Straddle Unit Monoblock Refrigeration Systems: Explained by MTCSS MTCSS can supply and install monoblock refrigeration units for small to medium capacity cold rooms. So whether you need a monoblock refrigeration system to suit your wal... >> read more

How To Win A Pitch Or Proposal

published on 26 January 2023 by
What can you do to give yourself the best chance of winning a pitch or proposal you write. This was a question that was recently asked in one of my monthly group coaching calls. We had some great answers so I thought I would dig into this in today’s po... >> read more

Double Modern Law Awards shortlist for Excello Law and boutique family law practice Lowry Legal

published on 26 January 2023 by
Excello Law has been shortlisted in the Business Growth Award as part of the Modern Law Awards 2023, while Manchester-based family law practice Lowry Legal, a trading name of Excello,...... >> read more

Roland Launch Six New Models

published on 26 January 2023 by
Roland have just launched 6 new machines!! They have enhanced their tried and tested TruVIS range to now include • Entry level UV print & cut (MG-300 & MG-640) • Production – UV print & Cut (LG-300 / 540 & 640) • Resin (AP-640) This mea... >> read more

Menopause and Employment Law : What are employers’ obligations?

published on 26 January 2023 by
The recent announcement that Ministers have rejected a proposal from MPs to introduce specific “menopause leave” pilots has bought the issue of how employers should support employees going through the menopause back into the spotlight. The ... >> read more

Listed Building Consent Southwark

published on 26 January 2023 by
We are proud to have recently designed and obtained listed building consent from Southwark Council for internal changes to a flat in a listed building in Southwark. The flat is situated in a historic building with unique architectural features and our ... >> read more

Brushed DC Motors

published on 26 January 2023 by
The post Brushed DC Motors appeared first on ORLIN Technologies Ltd | Specialists In Motion Control. ... >> read more

SysAid vs Jira Compared 2023

published on 26 January 2023 by
The post SysAid vs Jira Compared 2023 appeared first on 31West:. ... >> read more

4 serious property defects a survey can detect and what to do next

published on 25 January 2023 by
Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'insertThumbnailRSS' not found or invalid function name in /srv/users/heart/live/wp/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 308 The post 4 serious property defects a... >> read more

5 Common Online Mistakes Small Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

published on 25 January 2023 by
Any successful business understands the importance of having a strong online presence. Your website is often the first point of contact between you and your customers, so it’s essential that it makes a good impression. Unfortunately, many small b... >> read more

What Cybersecurity Attack Trends Should You Watch Out for in 2023?

published on 25 January 2023 by
The new year has just begun and it’s a time of renewal as we plan for the possibilities to come in 2023. It’s also a time when you need to plan for resiliency in the face of ever-present cyberattacks. Sixty-eight percent of surveyed business leaders fe... >> read more

Menopause leave rejected by ministers

published on 25 January 2023 by
Matthew Pinto-Chilcott, Owner of Consensus HR comments: “We have been speaking about this for some time with our clients and other people when visiting business networking events and was waiting for the outcome of the proposal.  This now shows that th... >> read more

How Efficient is a Diesel Generator?

published on 25 January 2023 by
The post How Efficient is a Diesel Generator? appeared first on Bellwood Rewinds. ... >> read more

Weekly Market View – w/c 16th January, 2023

published on 25 January 2023 by
Click here to view report » The post Weekly Market View – w/c 16th January, 2023 appeared first on ECA Business Energy. ... >> read more

Flashback – January 2018 – A Brushed Black Bentley

published on 25 January 2023 by
We posted the details of this Flying Spur on the very first day of the 2018 new year. It came in for a complete transformation which included a full wrap in Avery Brushed Black Metallic. The eagle-eyed amongst you may also notice a full chrome delete, ... >> read more

5-ELISA ADAMTS-13 Quantitative test for the determination of ADAMTS-13 antigen in human citrate plasma

published on 25 January 2023 by
5-Diagnostics’ 5-ELISA ADAMTS-13 Antigen one-step protocol is performed in 65 minutes! The post 5-ELISA ADAMTS-13 Quantitative test for the determination of ADAMTS-13 antigen in human citrate plasma appeared first on Quadratech Diagnostics. ... >> read more

Why do We Celebrate National Pretzel Day?

published on 25 January 2023 by
There could be several reasons to celebrate the twisted, rustic, and unique pretzel. This snack deserves celebrating due to its amazing diversity of use. Another reason for celebrating pretzels is their enduring popularity. They are fantastic portable ... >> read more

How to Manage Property Management Staff

published on 25 January 2023 by
Improve Staff Performance Our recent Linkedin survey revealed a surprise about property management staff performance. 70% of respondents said the company’s performance issues could be solved through more skilled staff. Of all the possible factors... >> read more

IntegrateLive! delivers on multi-vendor MQTT Sparkplug build, in live demo

published on 25 January 2023 by
Catch up with a successful Plugfest in episode 10 of IntegrateLive! What happens when you take hardware from Opto 22, SignalFire, Wireless Telemetry, and Phoenix Contact, along with software from Software Toolbox 's DataHub using both legacy... >> read more

The Ultimate Cutting Board for Fish

published on 25 January 2023 by
Seafood is a highly perishable item and it is important to consider safe handling in all aspects of preparation. Any professional chef would tell you that cleanliness, temperature and time … Continue reading "The Ultimate Cutting Board for Fish" ... >> read more

Calling all Gaming Companies! Here’s How To Avoid Hefty Fines And Protect Your Reputation.

published on 25 January 2023 by
Fergal Parkinson, Co-founder & Director, TMT Analysis It’s crunch time for online gaming firms. Global regulators have stepped up their crackdown, with fines totalling over $127 million* worldwide handed out during 2022. Already, this is almost thr... >> read more

Microsoft major outage in the UK and across Europe

published on 25 January 2023 by
This morning businesses awoke to the news that there had been a Microsoft major outage impacting a vast number of users across the world. Earlier today Microsoft 365 Admin Centre reported that users may be unable to access multiple Microsoft 365 Servic... >> read more

Why your investment strategy is more important than fees

published on 25 January 2023 by
The post Why your investment strategy is more important than fees appeared first on Wealth and Tax Management. ... >> read more

Boost Your SEO: 7 Keyword Research Tips You Can Apply Today

published on 25 January 2023 by
Reading Time: 8 minutes Keyword research is a crucial part of any SEO or digital marketing strategy. It helps businesses understand what their target audience is searching for along with how to optimise their website and content to rank well in search... >> read more

20 Habits for a Clean Home

published on 25 January 2023 by
We all know or know someone whose home is always clean and put together as if they are always expecting important guests. If you’ve often wondered how they keep their homes in such a tidy state and how you can also achieve it, look no further. We’ve pu... >> read more

How changing your MOP contract can cut your electricity bills

published on 24 January 2023 by
We all know about the serious pressure utility bills are putting on businesses across the UK. With soaring energy prices putting the squeeze on finances, we’ve been looking at how we can help businesses cut electricity bills. Although it’s extern... >> read more

Avian influenza outbreaks in the UK

published on 24 January 2023 by
Highly pathogenic avian influenza is a notifiable disease. Follow a timeline of cases in the UK since September 2022. The post Avian influenza outbreaks in the UK appeared first on Livetec. ... >> read more

What’s Changing in the Cybersecurity Insurance Market?

published on 24 January 2023 by
Cybersecurity insurance is still a pretty new concept for many SMBs. It was initially introduced in the 1990s to provide coverage for large enterprises. It covered things like data processing errors and online media. Since that time, the policies for t... >> read more

Key Points to Consider When Buying a Home in the UK

published on 24 January 2023 by
Key Points to Consider When Buying a Home in the UK When you’ve finally reached... The post Key Points to Consider When Buying a Home in the UK appeared first on Home House Buyers. ... >> read more

Showplace at Spring Fair 2023

published on 24 January 2023 by
Showplace is looking forward to attending Spring Fair 2023 and supplying Intamarque with their exhibition stand at the event. Spring Fair 2023 will take place from 5th to 8th February at Birmingham NEC and is the leading marketplace for wholesale home,... >> read more

Construction of hospitality structure at full speed for the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof

published on 24 January 2023 by
The post Construction of hospitality structure at full speed for the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof appeared first on Neptunus. ... >> read more

Go Radio discusses energy efficiency with Green Home Systems

published on 24 January 2023 by
The post Go Radio discusses energy efficiency with Green Home Systems appeared first on Green Home Systems. ... >> read more

5 Reasons Why February Half Term is the Perfect Time to Visit the Peak District

published on 24 January 2023 by
Feeling the winter blues? Why not shake things up with a short break to the Peak District during the February... The post 5 Reasons Why February Half Term is the Perfect Time to Visit the Peak District appeared first on Hargate Hall. ... >> read more

A Guide to Valentine’s Day

published on 24 January 2023 by
We have almost made it through the long month of January and for some of us it can’t come soon enough! Escapade can’t wait to say hello to February, the month of Valentine’s, Galantine’s and pancakes!  Get your Valentine’s Day plans started, wheth... >> read more

Mediation vs Arbitration

published on 24 January 2023 by
Mediation is a technique used by professionals to help parties sort any differences they have.... The post Mediation vs Arbitration appeared first on SMQ Legal Services. ... >> read more

New Year, New DLP Strategy?

published on 24 January 2023 by
Happy 2023, Happy Lunar New Year, welcome to the year of the rabbit. To all readers I hope it’s a year that brings health and prosperity to you, your loved ones, your clients and your data! Humans use events... The post New Year, New DLP Strategy? firs... >> read more

Dave talks to… Lee Biggins

published on 24 January 2023 by
Dave talks to Lee Biggins about how job board costs have increased with market costs, how changes to advertising tactics have impacted job board fees, how programmatic is here to stay but duration isn’t dead yet, why a segmented inventory of jobs is ne... >> read more

B-Roll Video Footage 101: Examples, Best Cases, and Tips

published on 23 January 2023 by
Whatever your current video project may be, if you’re aiming for a professional and polished final product, you’re going to need B-roll material. This extra footage is vital for creating smooth transitions and setting a tone for your film, documentary,... >> read more

6 Customer Service Goals That Matter Most in 2023

published on 23 January 2023 by
We’re all familiar with traditions of setting goals, resolutions or intentions for the New Year in our personal lives—but what about for our work or businesses? Setting goals at the start of a new year, quarter or season is important to continue ... >> read more

Owe tax through Self Assessment? Use the HMRC app

published on 23 January 2023 by
If you owe HMRC through Self Assessment you can use the HMRC app to make your payment online quickly and easily. The post Owe tax through Self Assessment? Use the HMRC app appeared first on Tax Rebate Services. ... >> read more

SCP Platinum Jubilee Badge

published on 23 January 2023 by
It will soon be the 70th Anniversary of the School Crossing Patrol Service.  To help you celebrate this fantastic occasion, Keltic Clothing has designed this lovely badge to help you show your staff how much you appreciate them and the great work they ... >> read more

Best budget iPhone for business in 2023

published on 23 January 2023 by
If you want an Apple business mobile phone but don’t ... Read more The post Best budget iPhone for business in 2023 appeared first on Communications Plus. ... >> read more

Do I need planning permission to install a roof light? And other FAQs

published on 23 January 2023 by
Roof lights can be a fantastic way of introducing natural light to your home, without compromising on design or privacy. They are particularly popular within London and Surrey, where they are often used for modern extensions with flat roofs, as well as... >> read more

Wintry books that are perfect for cosy evenings in

published on 23 January 2023 by
Dark and chilly evenings are the perfect opportunity to curl up with a book and escape into a story. If you’re searching for your next read, these novels all have fantastic winter settings and are perfect reading for this time of the year.  Beartown by... >> read more

Cyber Trends: A look into 2023

published on 23 January 2023 by
Keeping up with the latest attack vector trends is a challenge for organisations worldwide as they battle an ever-evolving threat landscape and a rapidly growing attack surface. So, following our successful acquisition of Secrutiny, we polled our cyber... >> read more

Customer Centricity Corner with Peter Lavers – What Loyalty Means in Business to Business

published on 23 January 2023 by
What Loyalty means in Business to Business Everyone who’s passionate about customer centricity would agree that loyalty is a good thing. But when your customers are businesses r… Read more The post Customer Centricity Corner with Peter Lavers &#... >> read more

Property maintenance essentials for the New Year

published on 23 January 2023 by
The beginning of the year is a good time to carry out essential maintenance on your property. Harsh winter weather can result in a range of issues from loose roof tiles to damp that should be addressed promptly. Scheduling annual checks of areas such a... >> read more

The Limitations of On-Premise IT Solutions for Small Businesses

published on 23 January 2023 by
Introduction On-premise servers are a common solution for small businesses looking to host their own IT infrastructure. These servers, typically running on Windows or Linux, are installed and maintained on the company’s premises and used for vari... >> read more

Can My Pet Get an Uber?

published on 23 January 2023 by
Ever wanted your pet to join you on a journey into town? Or perhaps accompany you on a day out when on holiday? Well thanks to Uber, now you can. Midway through 2022 the globally popular transport introduced Uber Pet, a pet transport service that allow... >> read more

Financial Market Turmoil in the United Kingdom

published on 23 January 2023 by
Over the past few weeks and months, the UK has found itself in a relatively unstable position as government debt, pensions, and political instability has led to a large amount of volatility. This article is going to talk in more detail about what actua... >> read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating the Perfect Drainage Plan for Your Property

published on 21 January 2023 by
Have you ever noticed that when it rains your driveway floods or your backyard collects pools of water? You may be in need of a drainage plan. A drainage plan is a detailed plan that outlines the best practices for diverting water away from your proper... >> read more

How to choose the right toilet bowl

published on 21 January 2023 by
We spend enough time in the toilet in our life. It is logical to try to equip this room with maximum comfort. If you take into account its modest size, purpose and peculiarities of operation, it is not an easy task. The main sanitary appliance is a toi... >> read more

Recipe for Picarones from Peru

published on 21 January 2023 by
To whet your appetite for our newest tour, Exploring Andean Cuisine in Peru & Bolivia, we are featuring a classic Peruvian dessert: picarones. These fried treats may look like a donut (or an onion ring!) but they have a unique flavor this is all th... >> read more

Unlock the Power of Office 365: A Comprehensive Guide to All License Types

published on 20 January 2023 by
In today’s world, business looks incredibly different from even just a decade ago. Advancements in technology like management tools, security, and cloud computing have entirely changed how companies run. From smart devices and computers to the la... >> read more

Powerstar Round-Up 103

published on 20 January 2023 by
Powerstar rounds up the latest news and updates in the energy sector The post Powerstar Round-Up 103 appeared first on Powerstar. ... >> read more

Product Spotlight: New 3M Medical Tape with 21 Day Extended Wear

published on 20 January 2023 by
The post Product Spotlight: New 3M Medical Tape with 21 Day Extended Wear appeared first on Parafix. ... >> read more


published on 20 January 2023 by
PHB Inc. has an immediate opening for a Fixture Design Technician for our Machining Division. The post FIXTURE DESIGN TECHNICIAN appeared first on PHB Inc.. ... >> read more

What Is In A Display Broad?

published on 20 January 2023 by
Want to take your gallery or exhibition to the next level? Tired of seeing the same old branded posters for your trade show stall? Then you’re ready for the world of display boards. These versatile and cost-effective visual aids are brilliant in a lot ... >> read more

Pallet Racking Safety Requirements

published on 20 January 2023 by
Accidents in warehousing and the storage industry have quite a high rate of accidents and injuries compared to other industries.  … The post Pallet Racking Safety Requirements appeared first on 2h Storage Solutions Ltd. ... >> read more

How to Succeed as a Strength and Conditioning Coach

published on 20 January 2023 by
What do you want to achieve as a strength and conditioning coach? Here are some suggestions for accelerating the process of finding both career success and personal fulfilment. Build Your Expertise There are specialists in every industry, and strength ... >> read more

How to Invest £30k – The Best Ways to Invest £30k in 2023

published on 20 January 2023 by
How to Invest £30k – The Best Ways to Invest £30k in 2023 New to property investment? Enter your details below to receive your FREE essential property investment guide today! Table of Contents As we kick off a new year, you may have it in mind to... >> read more

The Value of Quality Content in Improving Rankings 

published on 20 January 2023 by
Content should be an integral element of any SEO strategy – they are very much connected, and one complements the other. High-quality content is a ... The post The Value of Quality Content in Improving Rankings  appeared first on Artemis Marketing. ... >> read more

Professional headshots for business websites.

published on 19 January 2023 by
Why it is important to commission professional headshots for your corporate website. You are going to invest in a new or refurbished website, and you approach a few website designers. They design your site and then ask for some corporate headshots for ... >> read more

Top 35 Modern Fonts for Logos and Branding in 2023

published on 19 January 2023 by
Looking to build a brand that’s edgy, clean, and striking? Modern fonts might be the right choice! With their unique features and great readability, modern fonts have taken over the logo design and branding world. We’ve searched far and wide and hand-p... >> read more

Keeping Your Facility Safe and Sound: The Importance of Regular Industrial Cleaning

published on 19 January 2023 by
Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining a safe industrial site. A thorough industrial cleaning helps keep equipment operating properly, promotes workplace safety and extends the life of your facility. But, exactly how much of an impact can regula... >> read more

28th-29th January Early Closing & Late Opening

published on 19 January 2023 by
Posted: 19/1/23 The post 28th-29th January Early Closing & Late Opening appeared first on Wickwoods. ... >> read more

2023 – The Year of Challenge For Workplace

published on 18 January 2023 by
How Will 2023 Impact The Workplace I think it goes without saying that 2023 is going to be a challenger for any workplace, whether you’re office based, the construction industry or something else. At the rear end of last year, we had already seen peopl... >> read more

EPoS maintenance is the best way to avoid downtime in the warehouse

published on 18 January 2023 by
EPoS maintenance is the best way for brands to get the most out of their hardware – and their budget. But how does EPoS maintenance help brands save money while still keeping the logistics side of their business flowing? The most important thing to rem... >> read more

Office Kitchen Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide

published on 18 January 2023 by
Picture the scene… Mouldy old food. A crusty microwave. Crumbs everywhere, and a sink full of half-finished tea and coffee mugs. Worse still, there’s a weird smell in the fridge, and the sink’s not too fresh either. To top it off, the... >> read more (c)2009 - 2023