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10 October 2019

5 Methods to Improve Performance Within Your Manufacturing Business

A healthy boost in productivity is essential for any business. Particularly in manufacturing, the quality of your product can depend entirely on the positive performance of those tasked with the production process. Here are five recommended methods in ensuring productivity and performance boost within your manufacturing business.

1. Contribute to Continued Training and Education
The manufacturing floor is a very adaptable place, with new technologies and methods being constantly introduced. Itís important, therefore, that your staff team is always up to date with the latest methods, and are always offered the opportunity to learn new techniques and ways of fulfilling tasks. Performance will be significantly improved if your manufacturing team are adept with the latest processes, but will be severely hindered if they are left in the dark.

2. Have Trusted Contacts You Can Fall Back On
Itís easier to work more comfortably when you know that you have trusted and reputable contacts who can help should any problem arise. Itís a good idea to establish a list of these contacts as soon as possible, either through networking and research, to ensure that Ė should a problem occur Ė you do not waste any time or resources searching for assistance, but already have the information there ready to go. This could be any assistance relevant to your manufacturing process, whether itís silicone dressings and coatings for materials, packaging specialists for your items or a logistics team should your usual transport methods fail.

3. Be Realistic Throughout the Process
Itís important to not promise your clients unattainable deadlines, or push your team to meet strict schedules which leave them exhausted and pressured. Clients will be more comfortable waiting a longer length of time for a deadline which will definitely be met with a high quality product, rather than promised an early deadline which will result in a rushed job and a compromised product. This also enables your staff to work comfortably and methodically, and eliminates the risk of mistakes.

4. Upgrade Your Machinery
Productivity and performance in manufacturing is largely dependent on machinery, which means you should make efforts to ensure that your business is running with the latest technology in mind. Machinery can easily be viewed as a high investment, which can cause problems for any business wanting to save money wherever possible, but you canít avoid an investment which will reap positives in the long run, both where efficiency and quality is concerned. Upgraded machinery means you stay on top and on par with the competition, especially if they always have the latest technology.

5. Donít Neglect Maintenance
Investing in the latest machinery is all well and good, but that high quality needs to be maintained. You should implement proper maintenance methods where appropriate, including training employees to recognise any issues with machinery and how to enable tools to work at full function. Itís best to integrate a service and maintenance schedule into your business routine, to ensure all machinery and relevant tools are checked at appropriate intervals.

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