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Appointment Setting for B2B Technology companies

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Appointment setting at an executive-level is an area ProspectAware are experts in. We arrange B2B meetings at C-level, Director, Head of or role specific, where a ‘business pain’ or ‘need’ has been identified.

A deeper dive into prospectaware.com

Common questions asked about www.prospectaware.com

1. What is ProspectAware's mission?

ProspectAware's mission is to deliver a superior type of sales appointment to their technology-focused clients. They aim to provide a platform that helps build a strong sales pipeline and increase new business revenue. Their focus is on delivering high-quality sales appointments to help clients achieve their sales goals.

2. How does ProspectAware approach account-based lead generation?

ProspectAware takes a customer-centric approach to account-based lead generation. They place target accounts at the center of everything they do and engage with them. They understand that target accounts are constantly changing, and to keep track of these changes, they immerse themselves within the accounts, communicate, and closely monitor them. Their team of account-based telemarketers are experts in their field and work with clients to develop strategies and messages that position them directly in front of key decision makers.

3. What is the importance of enablement in ProspectAware's services?

Enablement is key in ProspectAware's services as it simplifies the route to new partners, resellers, and relevant partners. They understand that setting the expectations correctly and having a clear path is crucial. They offer various campaign setups, such as calling as the vendor into a list of accounts and distributing leads to the correct partner, or prospecting directly into end user accounts while working with the partner. ProspectAware also manages all follow-ups from meetings to ensure partners are selling the correct products.

4. How does ProspectAware help in building a real-time view of sales and channel lead generation?

ProspectAware helps build a real-time view of sales and channel lead generation by providing a platform that allows clients to track and monitor their sales pipeline. They offer tools and strategies to capture and analyze data, enabling clients to have a comprehensive understanding of their lead generation efforts. This real-time view helps clients make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their sales and channel lead generation processes.

5. Who are ProspectAware's customers?

ProspectAware's customers are technology-focused clients who are looking to enhance their sales and channel lead generation efforts. They work with clients who want to build a strong sales pipeline and increase their new business revenue. ProspectAware's services are tailored to meet the specific needs of technology-focused businesses and help them achieve their sales goals.

Some reasons to choose prospectaware.com

Build a real-time view of your sales and channel lead generation

ProspectAware helps you track and monitor your sales and channel lead generation in real-time. This allows you to have a clear and up-to-date view of your sales pipeline, enabling you to make informed decisions and take timely actions to drive revenue growth.

Become fully customer centric and place your target accounts at the centre of everything

ProspectAware understands the importance of customer-centricity. They help you focus on your target accounts and ensure that they are at the center of your sales and marketing efforts. By immersing themselves in your target accounts' environments, they are able to engage them effectively and tailor their messages to resonate with your key decision makers.

Expert account-based telemarketers

ProspectAware has a team of expert account-based telemarketers who are knowledgeable in their field. They work closely with you to develop a strategy and set of messages that leverage your existing plans and account exposure. With their expertise, they position you directly in front of your key decision makers, increasing your chances of success in generating new business.

Enablement for new partners and resellers

ProspectAware understands the importance of setting clear expectations and simplifying the route to new partners and resellers. They can help you set up campaigns that involve calling into a list of accounts and distributing leads to the correct partner, or prospecting directly into end user accounts. This enables you to effectively manage your partnerships and ensure that the correct products are being sold.

Efficient follow-up management

ProspectAware offers efficient follow-up management for the meetings that have been attended. They ensure that the partner is selling the correct products and provide support to maximize the success of your sales efforts. This helps you maintain a strong sales pipeline and increase your new business revenue.
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