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Benefits of Concrete Patios for your Home or Business

submitted on 6 November 2020 by concreteseattlepros.com

Patios are areas for entertainment and relaxation from the usual routine. It can be added to your home, or business to provide a nice place for your customers to enjoy. Hotels and restaurants are a great example. When building a patio you can use brick, stone, or concrete. There are multiple benefits of using concrete for patios whether it is for your home or business.

Add Value
Patios add value to any home or business. The nicer the weather, the more that becomes evident. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed the way people spend time and value their home or choose the business they go to. For businesses, this is most noticeable for hotels and restaurants. Patios are a great way to enjoy time outdoors and therefore a great investment for any home or business owner.

Add Style and Design
Concrete allows for simple or more sophisticated designs. Stamped concrete is a great example. You can have beautiful designs that will WOW any visitor. For example, stamped concrete is used in the most beautiful gardens and swimming pools of expensive hotels and resorts. It is very attractive in pictures and certainly contributes to attracting more bookings. For upscale restaurants, stamped concrete may also make sense. Otherwise, most businesses go with standard concrete paving or slabs. It can also be alternated with some grass for a more charming appeal.

As for costs, concrete patios generally cost less than the ones made from brick or stone. Not just the material, but they are easier to install. That means labor is cheaper. The cost of concrete maintenance is also cheaper and it can be repaired if damage occurs.

Easy to Install
As mentioned previously, concrete is easier to install than brick or stone. It is also easier to conform in whatever shape you need it to be. That is a huge advantage for tight backyards where every inch matters!

Easy Maintenance and no Tripping Hazard
Paving stones cause the surface to be uneven which can lead to tripping hazards. Moreover, the areas in between the stones will likely get sand, weeds, and grass in between which is definitely not appealing. Although wood decks are very trendy and definitely can look nice, they are difficult and costly to maintain. It often involves staining and resealing yearly. That is due to the likelihood of termite infestations, wood rot, and splintering.

Seamless Transition Between Indoors and Outdoors
A lot of places with big sliding doors between a hangout area and a patio can benefit from concrete all across. It will make it comfortable to walk between the two areas and a nice transition between the two areas.

Concrete Never Goes Out of Fashion
Due to the above-mentioned benefits of concrete, it never goes out of fashion! Although wood decks are trendy currently, we see a lot of people switching back to concrete in the long run. Especially people that have lived in a home with a concrete patio before are likely to notice the difference and change from wood decks to concrete eventually.


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