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4 August 2019

Changing Industries: The 9 Best Careers for Car Lovers

A lack of passion in a role can lead to job dissatisfaction and an inability to climb the corporate ladder.

If you are tired of enduring the same tasks in an industry that brings you next to no joy, it might be time to switch fields to embrace a more rewarding occupation.

If you have a passion for all things automotive and want to embark on a more exciting role in a different industry, here are the nine best careers for car lovers.

1. A Mechanic
If youíre not afraid of getting your hands dirty and think you could easily work your way around an engine, you should pursue a career as a mechanic.

To do so, youíll need to earn a degree and secure certification to become a qualified mechanic technician, and you could gain a job at a local garage, dealership service center or a municipal garage.

Plus, once you have a thorough understanding of the machinery, as well as different makes and models, you could even set up your own auto repair company.

2. An Engineer
If youíre more interested in developing cars over fixing them, a career as an engineer might be the perfect vocation.

Rather than working on greasy engines, you will be responsible for both planning and developing the technologies that power jaw-dropping vehicles.

Youíll need to gain an understanding of the physics of engine design, and youíll need to utilize computer tools to both design and test various automotive parts.

You can also take your engineering career to the next level by completing an online lean manufacturing degree course.

3. A Driver
What could be more rewarding than being paid a salary to drive a vehicle every working day? If you love putting your foot on the gas and taking to the road, there are plenty of driving opportunities available to choose from.

For example, you might enjoy a job as a:

- Chauffeur
- Truck driver
- Taxi driver
- Delivery driver
- Professional racecar driver

It will allow you to explore new places, improve your driving skills, and spend more time on the road, which could beat life behind an office desk.

4. A Designer
While engineers are responsible for making vehicle parts lighter, stronger, and much more effective, it is a designerís role to create a vehicle design thatís attractive to consumers.

Your job will be to utilize an engineerís new parts to package them into a vehicle to improve its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

So, if you want to be responsible for the most exceptional vehicle designs in history, a career as a designer could be the perfect occupation for you.

Plus, you will happily spend your free time working on the machine design of your dreams.

5. A Journalist
If you have a flair for writing and a passion for automobiles, consider a rewarding career as an automotive journalist.
It will be your job to report the latest vehicle news, emerging technologies, and newest models to the public.

You can, therefore, spend your days researching the latest and greatest cars in the industry, offering valuable insights and writing opinion pieces on the different makes and models.

Plus, it could also lead to you enjoying a variety of cool perks, such as test driving experiences.

You can launch a career by gaining a degree in journalism before securing a role at an automotive newspaper, magazine, or website.

You could even showcase your writing skills and passion for cars by starting your own blog or YouTube channel.

6. A Car Salesperson
If you have the gift of the gab and want to surround yourself with the latest vehicles to come off an assembly line, you could excel in a career as a car salesperson.

By working for a dealership, you will be able to share your knowledge and expertise with less knowledgeable customers, so your opinion and advice might help them to select a make and model to suit their budget and lifestyle.

Plus, your experience might lead to you enjoying a rewarding salary, which could help you to reach your financial and personal goals at a faster rate.

If you choose to obtain a business degree, you could potentially open your own car dealership in the future.

7. A Vehicle Restorer
If you have an appreciation for classic cars and believe they should be loved and cared for to ensure they stand the test of time, a vehicle restorer might be an ideal role for you.

Youíll wake up each day with a mission to repair and preserve various vehicles, providing them with the attention they need to restore them to their former glory.

8. A Marketer
Those who have a creative aptitude should seriously consider a career as a marketer.

As the car industry is rather competitive, many brands and agencies want to work with forward-thinking marketers to help them promote their cars to their target customers.

While you will not be working directly with different vehicles each day, it will be your job to learn the industry inside and out and understand a carís various strengths.

By doing so, you can create powerful campaigns that grab peopleís attention and convince them to invest in a vehicle.
So, you could spend your days learning about the pros and cons of an upcoming Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes or Range Rover. You know that sounds good!

9. A Test Driver
Can you imagine being paid to test drive a variety of the finest vehicles on the planet as soon as they are released?
Well, thatís exactly what you can do when you become a test driver for a brand.

Your daily tasks will include testing a vehicleís limitations, before reporting on a carís functionality and performance, such as how smooth the ride was and how easy it was to use a seatbelt.

To become a qualified test driver, you usually need to have both skills and experience in vehicle design and mechanics.
While it might not be easy to secure a job as a test driver, it will be worth all the hard work and effort once you do.
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