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Getting Started in the Excavation Business

submitted on 31 December 2020 by hydraproducts.co.uk

Starting a business is a major life decision, requiring lots of thought, research, and time before taking any concrete steps to get the idea off the ground. With urban development on the rise, itís not surprising that you would consider getting into the excavation business. Excavation services are vital for installing sewage systems, utilities like gas and water lines, and foundational supports for buildings. However, before you go out and start filing your registration and purchasing equipment, there are a few things you need to consider first.

1. The start-up costs are much higher
Some businesses can be started on low capital. However, even a small-scale excavation company requires major equipment like jack hammers, hydraulic power packs, excavators, trucks, and so on. Even if you intend to purchase used equipment, individual prices can still run up to about £5,000 to £20,000. Additionally, youíll have to factor in storage, maintenance costs, insurance, license and permit procurement, etc. You can also consider renting equipment and purchase only once youíve generated enough capital from your first few contracts. If you have the funds to buy new equipment, invest in brands that have a good track record.

2. You need to obtain all the necessary permits and other jurisdictional requirements
Different countries may have different legal requirements for excavation companies. Research thoroughly to ensure you have all your bases covered. Determine the scope of your services because that will affect what other permits youíll need. Operating without the necessary permits can cause your business to face penalties and legal sanctions. Many construction firms also require liability insurance policies that protect them from workplace accidents and other untoward events.

3. Marketing is essential to getting clients
No client is just going to magically show up at your doors if they donít even know you exist. As with any other business, generating brand awareness is crucial to getting customers. If you donít have the necessary skills to market your company, consider partnering with an agency or creating a marketing team.

Most budding business owners probably donít consider this an essential cost when starting a business, but remember that revenue and growth will only come if you have a steady stream of clients, and thatís not going to happen unless you market your business adequately.

4. Youíre required to hire trained professionals
Another difficulty in starting an excavation company is that youíre expected to be staffed with trained professionals from the get-go. This isnít like a family restaurant where you can hire family members to help you until you get enough money to hire your own staff. Professionals with the right certifications and licenses also have a higher pay grade, which contributes to the higher start-up costs.

Getting started in the excavation industries is tougher than most businesses, but if you do enough research and plan accordingly, you can make smart business decisions that will help your business thrive. Donít rush and in time, youíll reap the benefits brought by ample preparation.


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