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Guide to Industrial Doors for Businesses

submitted on 3 April 2022 by industrialdoorsolutions.co.uk

Industrial doors can and should be the heartbeat of any industrial premises. Not only are they instrumental in any security protocol, but they are energy saving, efficient and incredibly effective, while being easy to service and maintain. This guide will introduce you to the world of industrial doors for businesses, from different design choices through to maintenance as well as outlining just why they are so important.

Most models of industrial doors will provide the option of insulation and in the example of high speed doors with a roller shutter motion they will even help reduce heat loss. With heating bills rising everywhere and climate change very much on the agenda this should be on your mind when it comes to deciding whether to opt for an insulated roller shutter door. For businesses that require sound and thermal insulation, great weather protection and good security without constant use, necessitating the high speed roller shutter option then an overhead sectional door could be a solid option. Such insulated models are essential for many businesses who rely on regulated temperatures in their buildings. The third kind of industrial door is a sliding folding door, which is commonly used in boat yards and aircraft hangars.

One of the most obvious concerns for any building holding inventory and valuable equipment, not to mention staff is fire. Industrial doors with shutters are very much designed with fire safety in mind. Roller shutter industrial doors can give people an extra 30 minutes time to escape in the event of a fire. In addition, the security benefits of industrial doors are outstanding. They can be linked to an existing or new alarm system. In addition because they are manufactured from strong, robust material - usually steel, providing added security. In addition high speed doors will offer an added boost as they are likely to be used appropriately, offering swift entry and exit, leading to less 'open door time' and reduced security risk. In addition to the security, energy and fire protection benefits having high speed industrial roller shutter doors can improve operational efficiency as traffic in and out is reduced.

When it comes to deciding on which industrial door is right for your business you will need to ask yourself some fundamental questions. Will the door be used on the interior or exterior? Which goods will be stored inside? How frequently will the door be opened and closed on a daily basis? What size of industrial door will you need? For this you should consider what pieces of plant will need access. 

Finally you will obviously need to decide on a budget. This should include initial outlay and projected maintenance costs, the latter often being lower for roller shutter doors. With these questions answered you will be able to make the best decision for your business and if you have any doubts your best point of contact is an industrial door specialist who will be best placed to advise you on which is the most appropriate model for your needs.


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