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How Content Marketing Can Help Your SEO

submitted on 17 March 2022 by lojix.co.uk

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short helps improve your rankings in the organic search engine results. Using content marketing strategies on your website can further enhance these rankings. SEO and Content Marketing used together can prove to be a very powerful partnership.

Search Engines
Having high rankings on search engines such as Google can drive lots of visitors to your website. Stats show that organic visits from search engines is usually one of the top 2 channels that drive visits to a website so you can see how important this is.

Search engines have improved hugely in recent years so having a good quality website with relevant nicely written content is extremely important.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of enhancing your website to make it move up the organic search results. This is done using both technical and creative skills. The technical side is aimed more at search engines and the creative or visual side is aimed at people. Getting both of these elements right is so important. Search engines can pick up on the fact that a site or a single page has been optimised just for them whereas ideally this should be primarily focused on giving the person coming on to your site the best experience possible.

Search engines now incorporate user experience into their algorithms. User experience can be anything from how long a person stays on that page to did they fill out a form or 4did they click on a call us now button.

Other factors of SEO include internal and external backlinks. Internal backlinks are important as they will help users to get to the page product they are looking for as quickly as possible. External backlinks help to improve a sites domain authority.

Content Marketing
Content has always been important but I would suggest it is more important than ever with the recent changes to search engine algorithms. In that past you could rank a website with poor content if you had lots of good backlinks but now you need both.

Creating good quality content for your service product pages is really important and this content should be unique. Don't copy a competitors website or use manufacturers descriptions.

Additional you should create extra content in the form of a blog or news section that can help to drive more people to your site. This is because your product or service pages will explain what you offer but a blog can show your potential customers that you know about your product services.

For example if you sell trainers, having blog posts about "how to clean your white trainers" or "which trainers are best for running" etc will help to show people and search engines that you know a bit about your products.

How does SEO and Content marketing work together?
SEO and content marketing go together quite simply. The first step is to do some keyword research (SEO) then write the article around these keywords (Content) then back to SEO to apply the final touches such as meta tags and image tags.

Together SEO and Content Marketing are a powerful partnership that should help bring in potential customers to your website. 


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