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14 June 2019

How to Keep Your Boiler at Home in Top Shape for a Long Time

Having a boiler is considered by many homeowners as a necessity because it keeps you and the rest of your family members warm and safe, especially during cold winter nights. However, some people are not aware that their boiler needs maintenance to prevent it from dying in the middle of winter. Some companies offer or specialise in boiler repairs to ensure that your heating system remains safe and effective at all times. Also, it is still best that you keep it well taken care of, so you do not have to worry about suffering from hypothermia or getting flu and pneumonia. Here are some essential tips on how to keep your boiler in excellent shape.

Do not forget to check the lighting indicator
The indicator, otherwise known as the pilot light, should be inspected as often as possible. One of the tell-tale signs that your boiler is in excellent condition is when you see a blue coloured flame. However, if the colour of the flame turns yellowish or orange, then it means that your boiler is not as efficient as before and it can also increase your monthly fuel consumption.

Also, poor boiler combustion means that your home is at risk of carbon monoxide leakage that can cause an explosion or gas poisoning, which can lead to becoming comatose, suffering brain damage and even death. If you see changes in the colour of the flame, then contact a boiler repair specialist right away.

Maintain the right level of pressure
One of the downsides of continuously using your boiler is that it tends to decrease its pressure over time. If you want your boiler to work efficiently, then you need to check the gauge to ensure that it has the right amount of pressure. If the pressure is low, then your home will not get warm enough, and if it is too high, then you risk damaging the equipment in the long run. If you have no idea about the ideal pressure, it is best to keep in touch with the company which installed your heating system, or a local plumbing company can provide you with more assistance.

Keep your pipes from getting frozen
One of the most important steps to remember when maintaining your boiler is to provide insulation for your pipes to keep them from freezing during winter. Frozen pipes can affect the performance of your boiler, causing it to leak and suffer permanent damage. You can buy the materials needed to lag your pipes and wrap it around them. Pipe insulation materials are very affordable and convenient to install, and it is a considerable preventive measure to avoid significant problems later on.

Lastly, make sure that the area where your boiler is installed is always kept clean and clutter free. You can have your boiler placed in different parts of the house such as the kitchen, the storage area or in the basement. Your heating system should have the right amount of ventilation and should remain accessible to repair engineers.
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