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Thermal Imaging of Commercial Properties

submitted on 16 March 2022 by irtsurveys.co.uk

What is thermal imaging?
If you are familiar with the heat signatures seen through the eyes of Predator in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film, then you have an idea what a thermal image looks like!

The cameras used for thermal imaging are able to translate heat into light that is visible to the human eye, to analyse a building for areas of heat loss, among other things. Thermal imaging surveys, as this article will show are extremely valuable and versatile, representing an entirely non-invasive and unobtrusive way of revealing potentially cost-saving information about commercial buildings.

How does thermal imaging work?
The light that is visible to the human eye represents a mere fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, while infrared radiation (produced by heat) occupies far more space. The thermal imaging cameras deployed in surveys of commercial properties captures the interplay of the reflection and absorption of heat, enabling the surveyor to assess the building's efficiencies and any potential issues.

What can thermal imaging show?
Thermal imaging of commercial properties is increasingly popular as it serves as a completely non-destructive way of identifying where heat is lost, providing an assessment of insulation continuity, and identifying any signs of water ingress. In addition, thermal imaging surveys will be able to pinpoint air leakage paths.

How long do thermal imaging surveys on commercial buildings take?
This is partly dependent on the size of the building in question, but the survey will take a minimum of an hour and can take up to four hours for larger commercial buildings. In terms of when you will receive the report, you should expect to receive your report in PDF format within a few days, along with a breakdown of any observations.

Benefits of thermal imaging surveys
Thermal imaging surveys are invaluable tools for managers or owners of commercial buildings. They can help to show up any potential issues before they become more serious and allow for remedial work that can save money and inconvenience if left untreated. This includes:

Insulation issues
Without adequate insulation, temperature can not be regulated without great expense and environmental impact. Pinpointing areas where insulation is required will help boost energy efficiency. The issue could be a result of missing or damaged insulation. The latter could be caused by pests, construction issues or simply a result of deterioration over time.

Water ingress, damp & condensation
Water getting into a building is never a good thing and damaged or deteriorating building materials can be located via a thermal imaging survey which can very accurately highlight the points at which water is penetrating the building. Thermal imaging can also spot early signs of condensation by identifying areas where there is inadequate air flow and damp.

Air leakage issues
This happens when cold air finds a way into a building as a result of cracks and holes. If this is widespread the building's energy efficiency can be severely affected and as thermal imaging surveys can pinpoint such areas they can be fixed, not only improving efficiency but saving on ever-increasing energy bills.


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