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Top Five Questions Asked By The CQC

submitted on 6 September 2021 by inspiretooutstand.co.uk

The care quality commission is an organisation that has been created to ensure care providers meet high standards. They have a set of guidelines that care providers must follow and they will visit care homes at different intervals to assess the care being provided. There are many questions which care providers are likely to be asked by The CQC, which we will cover in this blog post.

All care homes have to meet certain minimum standards and are regularly inspected by the CQC.

All care homes must have a registered manager, staff with relevant qualifications (e.g. nurses), and fire protection systems in place and they need an emergency plan for how to deal with any emergencies or accidents that may happen on site.

Do the services keep you safe, protecting you from abuse or avoidable harm?
The care home should have staff on hand 24 hours a day to look after you and keep an eye out for any potential hazards or dangers. The care home will also tell its residents what the emergency plan is in case anything happens, outlining who they need to call if there's been an accident or fire etc. Safety should be of the upmost importance for care homes and they should have a system in place which monitors residents.

Is the care, treatment and support effective to achieve good outcomes?
The services should help those who rely on them maintain an acceptable quality of life, based on the best evidence that is available. This includes care, treatment and support that is provided in hospitals, care homes or the community. Inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will be based on whether care services are working together to provide care that is safe, effective and responsive.

Do the services offer good care?
The staff involved in the care should treat you with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect. They should care about your needs and give you the help that is right for you.

This means they will provide care in a way which fits with your individual preferences, including things like diet or different ways of communicating (for example by talking to you directly, through pictures or touch).

The care staff should also make sure that what happens to you is safe. They should care for and support your independence, as far as possible.

This means that they will try to help you keep doing the things which are important to you (for example cooking or managing money) so that you can live a life that's full of meaning and purpose.

How responsive are the services to patients' needs?
The services should be organised so that they care for people in different settings: at home, care homes and hospitals.

There should be a clear link between the care you receive in these different places - so that what happens to you is coordinated.

The care staff should work together with your family or friends who are looking after you when they can't do something themselves. This might include carers, care assistants or home care workers.

Are the services well-led?
The care and support services are inspected to make sure that they're well-led. The inspectors look at the leadership, management and governance of an organisation, as these all have a major effect on how people receive care. We'll also be looking for signs such as high quality care based around individual needs, learning and innovation encouraged throughout the organisation, empowered carers and a culture of safety.

Inspire To Outstand provide CQC compliance services from experienced professionals. To find out how we can help with the CQC, please get in touch on 07825 311 900 or via email at info@inspiretooutstand.co.uk.


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