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What Are Tacky Mats Used For?

submitted on 14 September 2021 by trioplus.co.uk
The tack mat is a sticky tack pad (or tack sheet) with adhesive on its surface. Mostly made of PVC, tack mats are available in different sizes and thicknesses.

Tacky mats are used for purposes related to art, craft or office work. They are often used to keep floor entrance space and doorways free from dirt, dust or mud that would otherwise be tracked into the room.

Tacky mats are used in a variety of industries including construction, offices, factories, hospitality and pharmaceutical. They can be used just about anywhere where you would want to keep a walkway or hall space clean. The sticky mats are used in entrances to remove pollutants from the bottom of footwear.

When walking over a sticky tack mat, the soles of your shoes will pick up dirt and dust, which then stick to the tacky surface of the mat. This makes for a much cleaner floor space inside your building, leaving it looking fresh and tidy at all times.

To make tack mats even more effective at removing pollutants from shoes, they can be placed in front of entrances with wet or oily floors to prevent dirt or other contaminants from reaching the floor. By preventing this type of dirt from getting to the tack mat, the tack mats will remain clean and look great for longer.

Where Can Tacky Mats Be Placed?
Tack mats can also be placed in front of entrance doors if you have any type of carpeting inside the building. Carpets are susceptible to damage caused by people walking on them from day to day. By placing tack mats in front of the entrance to an area with carpet, people will be required to remove their shoes when entering. This reduces the amount of dirt that would normally get into your carpets.

For individuals who work in food preparation or production areas, tack mats can help to protect against cross-contamination if they are placed in these work areas. Food preparation and production lines will typically have tack mats placed in front of each station. This helps prevent the spread of cross contamination, which is when bacteria from one area gets onto something else.

Air-borne particles, once they settle on the floor, add to the layer of grime and can easily be carried from one area of the room to another via the shoes of people walking around. The tack mats help to prevent this by keeping the area tacky and making it more difficult for dirt and grime to be carried around.

Tack mats are also useful in the lab as they not only pick up dust, but can absorb spills or leaks from liquids such as solvents or chemicals. These often make floors slippery and tack mats will keep the surfaces clean and safe.

How Are Sticky Matts Applied?
To apply tack mats, it is important to clean the surface thoroughly before application. The tack mat should be pressed firmly into place and can then be left in that spot for many years, usually between three and five years.The adhesive side of the mat should face upwards when it is placed on the floor. The four sides of the mat should all be aligned equally.

To find out more about these Sticky Tack Mats, used for floor and entrance protection, head to the Trio Plus Distribution website where you can also order the products at low prices with great value for money. Trio Plus supply these mats to many prestigious places such as Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, to name a few.


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