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Why A Mezzanine Floor Could Benefit Your Business

submitted on 29 March 2022 by bradfield-storage.co.uk
Why A Mezzanine Floor Could Benefit Your Business Mezzanine floors are such a simple way for a business to expand their usable space without breaking the bank, disrupting ongoing work or spending a fortune on a new premises. They are cost-effective in so many ways. A mezzanine floor fits neatly inside your existing building, representing "free" additional space with only the build cost to consider. As the mezzanine floor takes advantage of your existing premises there will be minimal additional energy bills, which in the light of recent and ongoing increases in bills represents a substantial saving.

If you are considering installing a mezzanine floor you will firstly need to make sure you have enough air space. You will need a ceiling height of at least 4.2m to be able to have a mezzanine and a functional floor space below. In many industrial buildings you will need a much higher ceiling height, but this is a consideration you will be best placed to calculate, based on everyday operational practice.

By installing a mezzanine floor you are taking advantage of 'free' air space that is otherwise playing no role in your business, but is already 'paid for.' Often, mezzanine floors are exempt from business rates and in what represents another important cost-saving advantage, in the main they do not require costly and tedious planning applications, unlike all other kinds of extensions.

Mezzanine floors offer many businesses the opportunity to create a tidier and more efficient premises. Stock management and handling can be carried out more smoothly and the stock going in and coming out can be kept as far apart as it should be. One of the most important ways to ensure optimal efficiency, especially in industrial, but also in retail buildings is to provide a layout that enables distinct tasks to be carried out in their own space. Doing this minimizes cross-contamination, danger of damage to equipment or health and safety issues and even facilitating the provision of quiet areas for concentrating (office space), or rest and relaxation during breaks. This can also have the knock-on effect of enhancing the morale of staff, which in turn lends itself to a more productive workplace.

With online trade in many businesses booming, many operations are seeking extra space for inventory, packaging and fulfilment and a mezzanine floor can be ideal for any of these purposes. There are a great many bespoke racking systems that can be installed, designed for stock of all shapes and sizes and once in place a mezzanine floor dedicated to any of these functions can literally transform a business.

Mezzanine floors also add value to your building. In the event that you own your building this is an important consideration as it is money invested, rather than money spent. Of course, with the operational improvements it brings, a mezzanine floor is an investment in a rented building and on occasion a landlord might even be willing to spread the cost over small rent increases over time as they will understand that it boosts their property value.


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