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Your Absolute Guide to the Top Trends in Customer Engagement and Loyalty in 2021

submitted on 19 October 2021
2020 has no doubt been a pivotal year for all of us, and whilst we are still learning to accept that many things have indeed changed, it's up to us to learn how to cope with these changes – and even thrive because of them. For example, who would have thought that most businesses would have to showcase their safety and cleaning protocols? But since the situation demands this kind of change, all we can do is go along with it and do our best – and change our marketing approach. But indeed, the situation has eased a bit, so it's now time to come up with strategies and anticipate even more changes in customer behaviour and outlook. So what sort of opportunities are in store for businesses, and what challenges should we prepare for when it comes to customer engagement and loyalty? Here's your definitive guide to the top trends in customer engagement and loyalty in 2021.

An emphasis on wellbeing and wellness
One of the singular effects of the pandemic is a renewed focus on wellbeing and wellness, as the professional customer experience specialists at TheLoyaltyWorks.co.uk can confirm. This is particularly true for millennials and Generation X and Z, as these generations feel the brunt of isolation and mental health struggles. Many people are turning to the outdoors for a wellness boost – for instance, sales of bicycles have increased around the world. Other individuals are turning to services that focus on mental wellbeing, such as online coaching and therapy. Your company can utilise this trend by thinking of possible future partnerships with businesses that provide stress relief for customers and helping your customers connect and bond with each other through online communities and forums. You can also prioritise your customer service efforts by leaning more towards conversations, offering care, and investing in activities or strategies that can delight and surprise your customers.

The mitigation of risk
Whilst we were amid the pandemic, we saw that customers relied more on shops and brands that prioritised safety. Today, more consumers are going for contactless business transactions, which have had tremendous growth since the beginning of 2020. And it’s not stopping yet. In fact, it’s projected to grow even further, and the expansion of contactless business transactions is in the works. To take advantage of these changes, show your customers that you understand their emotions – and have taken steps to respond to them. Be as transparent as you can be about your safety protocols, and you may also want to consider going into partnerships with other brands or suppliers so you can create a customised experience based on safety.

A focus on being social and taking action
The consumers of today are also becoming more aware of bigger ideals and principles – such as sustainability and racial equality – when they are thinking of what to buy and where. This makes brands and businesses more accountable in terms of the decisions they make. Focusing on being socially conscious should be one of your priorities, not just for your business but also for the whole of society. It's the best time to communicate your values as a company and tell customers how your values lead your present and future choices. Invite your customers to engage in social causes, and don't forget the importance of having a local reach.


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